Therapist Turned Personal Branding Expert, Mila Yoli,Helps Entrepreneurs Strategize Their Brands Using Psychology

Founders and entrepreneurs are known for their innovative natures, dedication to their dreams, and risk-tolerant personalities. However, one thing they often struggle with as success finds them is developing their images and promoting authentic personal brands. 

That’s where therapist-turned-brand strategist Mila Yoli, the Founder and CEO of Presenceology, comes in. The entrepreneur works directly with great business minds and helps them to identify and hone their personas. In turn, these leaders learn to truly connect with their audiences, create value, and be seen as experts in their fields.  

Moving forward, the trained psychologist plans to continue altering the brand-building world with her unique blend of psychology-based branding.

Psychology-Based Branding

Psychology is always at the root of what Yoli does, so what she’s offering is far more than just business coaching or branding strategy. Instead, her clients discover and explore different parts of themselves and their businesses while she gets to the heart of each one’s special spark.  

Yoli has taken much of her psychology training and reframed it in the world of image creation and brand building with a hefty dose of data to add an empirical element to the process.

Presenceology takes an intimate and personal approach to branding. The signature model requires clients to deeply dive into their personal and professional histories to refine their DNA, brand values, and essence. 

By employing therapeutic techniques, Yoli reveals the true you and helps you understand how to convey that to the world. It teaches you who you are and who you want to become and provides a roadmap for how to get there. 

“We’ll supply all the tools you need to attract your dream clients, be viewed as an industry expert, and develop an online and offline brand that deeply resonates with you and your target audience,” said Yoli.

Therapist Turned Image Expert

Trained as a therapist, Yoli initially attacked her new career with the enthusiasm that only a fresh graduate can muster. But, soon, she left the honeymoon phase of the field and realized that it couldn’t sustainably fulfill her. 

A large part of Yoli’s process is therapeutic as she is both passionate and adamant about helping people. After years as a counselor, however, the demand and emotions necessary to sustain the profession took its toll. It was a classic case of career burnout. She was devastated; her own self-image was of herself as a superstar therapist that helped every client lead a better and more satisfying life. 

Trained as a therapist and passionate about psychology and helping people, she intended to create a career as a private counselor. However, after just a few years in the field, she realized that she could not sustain the emotionally demanding job and was often unable to turn her brain off and disconnect from her client’s needs at the end of the day. 

“It was a critical moment for me. I loved therapy, helping people, and using my own observations paired with psychological principles to uplift people and give them clarity,” stated Yoli. “I had no idea what I would do after my burnout. Then, I noticed that people, my clients, often didn’t see their unique value and attractive qualities. I realized that I could still help people see themselves clearly, but through a business lens.”

However, she had noticed one thing — especially among her professional clients. 

“Poor self-image really keeps people from professional and personal advancement — especially women. A former therapy client of mine became my first unofficial branding client,” she explained. “I realized that I could help people differently. I could teach them to become walking billboards for themselves and help others gravitate towards them.”

To complete her transition from therapist to psychology-rooted branding expert, she studied image consulting, graduated from finishing school, and learned about branding and strategy. Soon, she became a self-actualized coach helping entrepreneurs represent their genuine selves to the world.  

Online Course Coming Soon

Yoli has already helped dozens of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs find their compelling personal brands. But, she knew that people worldwide could benefit from her one-of-a-kind process. So, she will launch her inaugural online course, called Your Standout Offer, in October. The psychology-rooted class melds coaching with reinvention techniques and is already helping founders find their ‘wow’ factor.  

“I created the course using my psychology background for people craving the chance to reinvent themselves in a meaningful way. I saw that people wanted to make an impact but weren’t sure how to start,” Yoli explained.

Perfect for entrepreneurs starting their journey or mid-career professionals looking to reinvent themselves or freshen up their images, the Your Standout Offer course blends classic psychology with creative infusions to create fresh and appealing presences. From determining precisely what differentiates you from others in your space, to designing your perfect offer,  to figuring out how to express what you are most excited about, early testers called the course as fun as it is enlightening and valuable. 

Yoli’s plan to build unique brands for entrepreneurs that align with their true selves and values is an admirable endeavor sure to make the business world more fascinating.

About Mila Yoli

Mila Yoli, CEO and Founder of Presenceology, has helped entrepreneurs reinvent themselves by utilizing her extensive psychology expertise. A former therapist, Yoli helps business leaders find their unique presence and offers that make them stand out as more than just another voice in the crowd with her signature program, “Standout Brand”. To learn more and discover the science behind Presenceology, visit


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