TheBeesKingdom revolutionizes NFT projects

The NFT market is an area that is full of projects being created every day. Although there are often very good projects, it is not uncommon to find many similar projects that can give investors a hard time when it comes to knowing which one to invest in.

Between the different promises, road maps, interesting communities that can be found, it is impossible to be present on all the projects and to invest on all of them. That’s why we think it’s now time to highlight original projects that break the trend and propose actions that are not seen elsewhere.

This is the case of TheBeesKingdom collection, an ambitious project at the service of the environment that attracted our curiosity. The creators of the project decided to dedicate their project to an important cause for the planet: the preservation of endangered bees. Essential for our planet, they have been working for millions of years for our biodiversity and their extinction would be a very serious phenomenon for the whole world.

That’s why TheBeesKingdom is supporting this cause by donating part of their profits up to $100,000 to a non-profit organization that will be able to implement concrete actions to fight against their extinction. This association will be chosen by the community of investors who have purchased the NFTs which will be priced at 0.2 eth.
A promise that will entice many investors seeking for a variety of projects that will provide true value for their money. TheBeesKingdom is able to communicate a message on a big scale and federate around an environmental drama that too few people are concerned about today by developing a strong and sustainable community around their project.

Besides that, a second action is proposed by the project: the protection of the web 3.0 by setting up concrete actions to fight against the scams on this market that deliver nothing.
An ambitious project but one that turns out to be formidably thoughtful and seems to want to get a message across to as many people as possible. With such promises, this project may become one of the most coveted in the NFT field in the last few months.