The YP Classics

Yupoong has over 40 years of expertise making top-notch snapbacks. Our one-size Yupoong Classics Snapbacks have proven to be long-lasting and come in a variety of shapes and styles.

We at YP Classics combine classic design with innovation to create hats that can be trusted. It’s their attention to detail, custom-made quality, and a precise fit that make our caps so popular and distinctive.

A sustainable approach

At Yupoong, we’ve made concrete steps to make a difference as the world becomes more concerned about climate change.

We offer a selection of environmentally responsible caps constructed from recyclable textiles that adhere to or exceed the most stringent requirements.

The majority of our caps are manufactured from PET that’s been recycled, and the rest are made with 100 percent renewable materials. We also use recycled plastic to create the textiles used in our caps.

When you buy a Yupoong cap, you can be certain that it won’t break the bank.

What’s the story with YP Classics’ caps?

At the core of everything we undertake is attention to detail.

We start by examining and cutting the fabric. The panels are cut with hydraulic equipment to assure a uniform conclusion.

The stitching technique begins with the front panels being stitched by machine, with the crown and visor sewn at the same time. To give the cap a raised shape to its crown, another layer of fusing fabric may be added to the back of the front panel.

Individual graphics and logos are embroidered onto the front panel using cutting-edge digital technology at this stage. The brand names and designs you pick are what distinguish your classic cap from others, and we can assure that they will be applied accurately and effectively.

Finally, the eyelets are machine punched in the panels to allow for adequate air circulation, which lowers heat buildup beneath the cap. Fabric tapes are inserted into the seams from within to prevent exposed edges on the inside of the cap

The visor is constructed by stitching two fabric panels together to form a pocket and flipping them inside out. The Permacurv® insert, which is made of our proprietary material, is sandwiched between the cloth to create a firm visor that is then sewn from the bottom.

The visor can be rigid or flexible, depending on the design’s demands. Our Permacurv® technology can make it stiff, while our Flexible visor technology may make it soft. The visor will be completed using automatic stitching equipment to assure the best possible quality. After that, it’s attached and stitched to the crown.

All you have to do now is attach the sweatband to the crown’s base with a decorative topstitch. The cloth snap is attached to the top of the cap where the panel seams meet, and an adjustable closure is added at the rear. This might be made of fabric or plastic, depending on the design.

They’re then steamed on a blocking machine to complete and repair the cap’s form. This increases the cap’s longevity, ensuring that it maintains its form and integrity for longer.

Quality & Fit

We place quality into each feature by utilizing the knowledge we’ve gained over more than four decades in the business.

Our caps are made of high-quality materials that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. Our novel engineering techniques ensure that our caps are long-lasting, attractive, and extremely pleasant to wear.

You’ll find that our caps are made to be customised, and they’re ideal for advertising your business or organization. Our hats work just as well on the wilderness paths as they do on the sports field or out on the street.

Take a peek at our Yupoong Classics Caps collection, which includes Flexfit.

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