The wrong side of business.

The wrong side of business! In this article I have described how a champagne delivery company in London is working.

Our secret informant, who has worked for many years in the field of alcohol delivery, says that although he has to constantly deal with the police, the damage to illegal business from her actions is minimal. Entrepreneurs operating in this market have figured out how to correctly circumvent legislation and incur only ridiculous punishment for its violation.

By tradition, the hero of the “Inside Out of Business” is an anonym, which is why he can honestly and frankly tell about everything that is happening in his industry. Our hero has been working in the alcohol-night business for more than three years: at first he was an ordinary courier, but then he gained enough experience – and opened his own store. He knows exactly what customers need and how to behave if the police detained a car with a full luggage compartment of alcohol.

Where something is forbidden, you can always earn

There is a demand for Champagne with home delivery. You can get a good profit if you approach the business competently and with all responsibility. It is important to know the city well and understand where it is. Before becoming a store director, I worked as a courier in another such company. During this time, I managed to understand how everything is arranged and what customers want, so I decided to start my own alcohol especially Champagne delivery business.

We decided to make money on those who drink at home

We ourselves faced the problem when we went to buy Champagne at night. It turned out to be of poor quality: such that we simply could not drink it. For the most part, the products we sell are even better than what is sold in stores. In one chain hypermarket, we once came across a bottle of champagne, which was made just one year before. Champagne made one year before, it may questioned about the quality. This cannot happen if it is real, because the production of alcohol is whole.

We improve the quality of life of people who want to order alcohol at home

We are engaged only in high-quality and certified alcoholic beverages, which we wholesale in duty free. I am ready to answer for this alcohol according to all laws – if it were possible to make my business legal, I would definitely register officially. We ourselves try and test our alcohol during feasts and we know that it meets all kinds of standards.

Our company has five couriers whose cars are always filled with alcohol

We try to deliver alcohol within half an hour, but this process is highly dependent on traffic jams. At six in the evening you can very strongly get up somewhere and stand almost up to nine. At night, you can get to the address in ten to fifteen minutes. Another delivery time depends on where the couriers are at the time of the call.

Every day we carry out up to one hundred orders

On average, this is about thirty on weekdays, and fifty on weekends. The peak is from ten to one in the morning and from three to eight in the morning. The first orders begin to arrive at us from eight o’clock in the evening. It also happens that people order alcohol in the afternoon. For example, we have billionaire customers who simply do not want to go to the store themselves. Most clients in London want their champagne delivery at their door. Our service for champagne delivery London is easy to pick.

Most often they take whiskey and vodka – they are the most popular

Less commonly, wine and champagne. Cognacs are much smaller. By the average quantity, a liter comes out at a time. It happens that half a liter, but this is rare. We bring only two bottles of wine – transporting one is unprofitable both for us and for the client.

Mostly customers are calm and happy: for people we are doing something good

There are regular customers who order almost daily for three years. There are those who order every Friday – a drink with his wife. But there are also inadequate ones: either they climb to fight, or do not want to pay. The same police did this more than once: they order alcohol for their feasts and begin to wave a crust. As a result, we don’t give anything to them, we take away alcohol and leave.

We are very customer oriented

We have London couriers who are starting to make friends with clients: they can, for example, ask how they are doing. As a director, I like it. In addition, for regular customers we have a loyalty system, we give them gifts. When ordering a large amount, the client receives a small compliment from us – an appetizer for alcohol.

One of the main problems of our business is its illegality

We often have to deal with law enforcement. They catch us with the help of test purchases. Recently we received a large order for 20 thousand rubles. to some factory outside the city. There, our courier was met by operatives and investigators. They seized a full trunk of alcohol and all the cash. By the way, they return the money, alcohol – no. The court fined him one and a half thousand rubles for illegal business. This is the maximum that they can apply to us.

Officially, we sell magnets, since alcohol is prohibited at night

How it works: you buy a magnet with the image of a specific alcohol and get it as a gift. We do this because souvenirs can be sold at any time. But I heard that they want to change the legislation in this area. This was previously done with cigarettes when people sold cigarette lighters and donated tobacco products without a license. Well, in this case, we will sell some water – if this is in demand among people, we will in any case figure out how to reach you. Because we are here for champagne delivery.

Another problem is competitors, because of which we are steadily subjected to DDoS attacks

They are afraid that their customers will leave for us, therefore they attack all competitors and remain alone in the market for a while. Only because of the great demand, they can’t cope, and then our customers complain that the delivery is taking a long time or even breaks down. And recently, all couriers in our competitive store have their wheels pierced by cars.

Often, one entrepreneur opens several stores with champagne delivery at once

This is done to compete with oneself. I have two stores – with different names, sites and numbers, but the same operator answers both phones. It is interesting to use this for the purpose of promotion and to analyze which store is called more often.

The easiest way to stop sales in stores with delivery is to block their sites. Thus we are pressed by Roskomnadzor.

There are trashy situations in our business

For example, we have a client who has been ordering champagne with us every day for three years. But they deliver champagne to him in an unusual way: Champagne is poured into the peephole through the front door, he has special equipment for this.

Once it turned out like in The Irony of Fate

The client mixed up the city and ordered alcohol on the London street, which we and he have. The courier drove up and called him, saying that I’m calling you on the intercom, but you don’t take it. And when they began to specify the address, they found out that they were in different cities. Because it’s London where address are pretty difficult to find. Some times because of the address in London its take time to delivery champagne in London.


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