The Worriless Guide on How to Get a Fake ID

Fake cards have been around for decades and that’s a fact. Buying fake-ID was always pretty easy, so is today. However, if you want to buy fake ID orfake drivers licensethat’s up to certain standards, something that requires more of your focus. Here we look at how to buy such ID from a company that is both reliable and has affordable rates.

How to find a service that makes fake IDs?

Nowadays, mostly online. A simple query in your browser using buy fake ID, fake drivers license, or any variation of those terms will reveal plenty of online services willing to make a fake identification card for you.

The reputable services are fast, efficient, and reliable. They don’t gather personal data or anything like that. All that is required from you is to fill up a form with the name, address and dates you want on the card, send a picture of you, and an address where you want it delivered. That’s how most peoplebuy fake ID or a fake driver’s license.

How to find a reliable service that makes fake IDs?

The most reliable services from where you can buy these ID share some common traits. Here are the most notable ones:

  • They never ask for payments through crypto currencies (Bit coin, etc.). Instead, the work with the standard payments tools (credit cards, PayPal, etc.)
  • Other than delivery address and recipient’s name, they never ask their clients for personal information like social security numbers, bank account number and so on.
  • They send the fake IDs in unmarked envelopes so that no one knows what’s in there.
  • They never post pics of their clients on social media or online. Not unless someone explicitly agrees to that.
  • They are registered as legitimate businesses.
  • They never store any data, nor the fake one you’ve used for the purpose of making the fake ID.

A little heads up

Having a fake ID is great. But being the only one among your friends will automatically turn you into the “go-to-person”. Therefore be prepared to make beer runs over and over.

Then there is the thing with the law. Don’t break it, or if so don’t show your fake ID. The police know how widespread are fake IDs among students and usually don’t make a big fuss about it. However, they won’t tolerate DUI and someone giving them a fake driver’s license. That is a recipe for big troubles and criminal charges.

What’s important is to use the fake ID for recreational purposes, renting, getting into bars and nightclubs, buying alcohol, or even going gambling. All in all for activities that won’t get you directly into trouble, nor the ones surrounding you.  


When you buy a fake ID make sure that it is made from the same materials used for real ones. The best services for making fake IDs use the exact technology and materials used for making real ones. You can visually compare the samples they have on their websites with real ones. Also, you can make another visual comparison when you receive the ID.

Furthermore, you can try and buy some beer in a store near you or when clubbing with friends. In both places, you will be asked for an ID. The chances are big that it will pass. But even if the bouncer or the person that works in the store has some super eyesight, there is no way you will get into trouble. Worst case scenario they will tell you to get lost.

However, the chances for that to happen are quite slim as the best ones are truly unrecognizable.

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