Lawsyst has been stimulus for a bunch of law-based roles: law students, advocates, solicitors and legal agencies always face challenges in managing documents, casefiles and oftentimes time management synchronization with their demanding job needs. This all-in-all software aims to achieve ease of use through the effectuation of the most simplified and unified cohesion of different software at one platform to help people belong to legal practice in their tasks.

Tight limits of time and dates have been controlled and programmed by time tracking and calendar features respectively. Our task management system in UAE helps in production of invoices, out and in payment receipts via online media and keeping its records protected in long run. 


This is an ample meticulous software. Lawsyst manages secure document management, whether it is proclamation, subpoena, mandates, bills of indictment, etc: even though everything is secure within Lawsyst software. At all levels, we proffer the best cloud storage and archive management best beseem for legal practitioners with the most instructed access.

Lawsyst’s criminal case management software is created to protect your information, and this directly targets to the protection of rights of customers. Cases related to criminal issues are always exhaustive and their documentation through virtual means requires safeguard techniques.


The services rendered from our platform are designed in a way to make sure that they are highly security-inflicted as lawyers save clients from defiance of law. We are always explicit and always participate in maintaining your client dynamics exposures friendly and trustworthy.

The scope of criminal law cases for law scientists, attorneys and legal firms has many prospects, for this Lawsyst has vividly developed this criminal law solution. Your blind trust in our solution-oriented system can never go wasted! At Lawsyst, all your work assignments related to client’s meetings, arguments with plaintiffs or any other documentation can be tabulate orderly with this simplified task management system in UAE. Time management feature incorporates you to schedule calls, set appointments and conduct hearings. Lawsyst never disservice its’ faithful clients.


Accounts management feature is highly protected as we hold firm conviction in saving your money. Easy accounting and case management tools are best feature of this software. You can access anything at any given point of time. lawyers can manage different cases and then sync them with their calendar. You can also tape calls, set reminders for future use and manage future appointments with time tracking software. This dynamic and diverse software exposure is always the most coveted solution available on entire cyberspace. This can be assured from our wide and global range of clienteles.


In short, Lawsyst is your virtual portal to channelize your legal affairs; Licensing agreements, patent classifications and other limitations can be managed with this software’s prominent feature of case management. Our criminal case management software is your absolute takeaway to conduct payments through and form system guardedly, sending invoices via email or talk modes. It even offers solutions to time recording and management. So, register for a speedy call back and get started with Lawsyst.

Shaikh sahab

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