The wide array of services provided by product development companies

Product development is not as simple as the name implies. There are many aspects a firm needs to take care of in order to come up with a product that will live up to the expectation of the market, clients, and customers. This is one of the main reasons why firms out there dedicate so much of their time, effort, and money in making sure that they have a properly planned product development process in their firm.

But, if you are thinking that keeping all the stages of product development in-house is the only way to deal with the operation then you haven’t looked at the paradigm shift of small and medium-sized businesses. Most of the SMEs are always facing issues related to lack of resources and the best option for them is to outsource the different stages of product development to a product design company.

A product design company uses a mix of technical and creative expertise and plays a crucial role in multiple stages of product development. A product design company can steer the product development stage from concept to industrial design. Since they offer a wide range of services, it becomes important to understand all of them to regulate them in line with your needs.

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One of the most unique types of services offered by product design companies is prototyping. In this service, the product development company offers different variants of the product in the form of prototype to its clients. With the help of these prototypes, the client is able to find potential issues before starting to produce large batches of the product. In addition to this, prototyping also helps the client in checking the different variants of the product without actually spending a lot of money.

In the modern era, opting for prototype service has become an integral part of all the businesses out there that lack the resources. But, you will need to make sure that you are choosing a company that has already worked in your industry.


Simulation is another popular service offered by product development companies. If the product designers of your company are provided simulation for optimizing the geometry then, the overall capability of the product will obviously improve. These simulation services provided by expert companies also help in minimizing the costly changes that can pop up later in the development cycle. And since the product development stage will take less time, marketers will get more time to market the product faster.

The product development companies use different kinds of advanced software solutions in order to provide the simulation service. The power of the advanced software along with the experience of the product engineers gives impeccable results to the clients. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking forward to just optimizing your product or developing a product from scratch, simulation can always help you.

Mechanical engineering

You can also get mechanical engineering services from a product design company. These companies use a structured design approach that is cultivated from a wide breadth of experience, imagination, and creativity. The company focuses on achieving structured CAD data while streamlining the engineering aspect of the product design process. With mechanical engineering services, you can ensure that the product meets its functional expectation and that too in a cost-effective manner.

But, mechanical engineering is a very broad area of service that covers the quality, need, functionality, assembly, price, and material of the product. The design company uses its experience to refine the product design in order to meet the assembly needs in the best possible way.


This is another class of service that is offered by almost all the reputed and popular product design companies out there. With the fabrication service, a company can easily get quick turnaround quality products without burning a hole in their pocket. The experience of the product design company in welding, 3D printing, machining, and assembling along with the engineering background streamlines the product development stage in various different ways.

Just like mechanical engineering, even fabrication is a very broad topic and there are many different types of services offered under this service like 3D printing, machining, and even scale model. Without fabrication, achieving maximum efficiency with your product development process will become nearly impossible and that’s why this particular service is so popular.With outsourcing product development becoming a new normal for small and medium-sized businesses, the list of services offered by product development companies has widened a lot. Now, there are different product development companies providing expert services for every stage of the product development process and one of the best things about working with companies like Imaginationeering is you will get access to professional skills and experience in an economical way. So, go through the services provided by a product development company and choose the one that you need right now according to your product development model.