The Way To Organize Blogging Using My Plum Paper Planner

I can’t seem to get away from using plum paper planners . I’m a planning nerd and a list-maker, but if I’m not careful, I’ll wind up having ideas all over the place if I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing.

It’s fairly uncommon for me to have a few notebooks, the Notes app on my phone, and even random notes strewn about in my weekly planner. Unfortunately, most of these notes are lost as the weeks pass and the pages are turned. These hopes and “wouldn’t it be cool ifs…” wind up being muddled up in the confusion.

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Give Priority To Blogging

Because I want to give priority to blogging and because those ideas were the ones I most frequently forgot (they weren’t really urgent, no one was depending on me for the posts, there wasn’t a real deadline, and there was never any assurance of a financial reward, ever), I decided to set up a monthly plum paper planners  to keep all of my ideas and inspiration in one place.

Plum Paper Planner

When I used a plum paper planners , I could even personalize the cover and the inside (to a certain extent), and I could even add a blogging section that would help me stay on track. Because I had previously utilized one of them as a general weekly planner a few years back, I knew that they provided precisely what it was that I was looking for.

The Monthly Format

After deciding on the monthly format (because I don’t require a large amount of daily room to plan out the titles and timing of my blog posts), I became obsessed with the various cover alternatives. There is an incredible variety of options! In the end, I settled with the one that best suited the overall concept and aesthetic of my blog on plum paper planners

Monogram Or A Title In The Middle

Then it was up to me to decide• Whether I wanted a monogram or a title in the middle • Along the bottom, whether I wanted a quote or my name (space could have been left blank) • The appearance of the year(s) that I desired to appear in the upper right-hand corner • Which month to begin the calendar on (I went with September because I placed my order in August, and it takes a little bit for them to custom construct the planners)

How Many Months To Put In The Planner

How many months to put in the plum paper planners  and so on. Extras (notes pages, checklist pages, special packets like the blogging one I got); • Where to place some of the extras; and Where to put some of the extras (notes pages, for example, can go at the end of each month or in their own tab at the back)

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Customized To Fit Your Needs

Aside from the fact that they may customized to fit your needs, the portion at the beginning of each month that inquiries about your objectives is one of the aspects of plum paper planners that I appreciate the most. My goals were all over the place in my regular life planner from before, which included things like getting in shape, setting word count goals for various projects, the amount of money I wanted to make, the number of times I wanted to cook.

Adjust My Diet Or Schedule

 how I wanted to adjust my diet or schedule, and other similar things. With this one, I will concentrate on the number of posts I want to make each week, the potential affiliates I want to get in touch with, the creation of emails, the taking of images (which is a lot more work than you’d think, lol), the number of follower goals I want to achieve across the various social media plum paper planners , and possibly even the production of videos.

Prepare To Be Anxious.?

I’m going to jot down some post ideas and an outline of what I want to talk about in each one in the notes section of this blog. This is where we will put loose outlines and what-if scenarios. There are most likely also some doodles. Let’s be honest. Taking a quick glance at the blogging part, the checklist section, and the plum paper planners , which pretty well explain themselves, are as follows:

The Wire Coil Is Durable

The wire coil is durable enough to last for at least a year and a half (probably longer than that, but I just used the one I had before it for about a year). The cover is also ready to take on virtually any challenge you present to it. The paper has a substantial thickness and a velvety texture. I have not come across a pen that is incompatible with it, though it is possible that fountain pens are not the most suitable option on plum paper promo code.

Anywhere From $35 And More

The ones that I have, at least when combined with the ink that I’ve used, give me the impression that they would be seen through to the other side. In general, I prefer plum paper planners because of their longevity, the fact that their covers and sections can personalized, and the variety of alternatives they provide. It looks like a lot of thought went into all of them. You should anticipate to pay anywhere from $35 and more, depending on the options that you select.

Do You Want A 10% Discount On Your Purchase?

You can reach me at that old kitchen table at Gmail dot com, and I will forward you to the relevant page. Full disclosure: If you use the link that I send, I will receive ten dollars in plum paper planners  Rewards Dollars, which I can put toward my future purchase. On the other hand, neither they nor anybody else asked me to write this review, and I paid for this planner entirely out of my own pocket.


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