The water filter pitcher reviews

Water filters from water filter pitcher reviews help reduce health and safety problems with tap water for various purposes. It also helps remove particles and chemicals that can affect the taste of water. Contaminants that can occur in water include lead, chlorine, microbial cysts, or even mercury. Water Filter Jug is an innovation that combines the benefits of portability and a simple filtration process with easy access to fresh, filtered and clear water. Some of these launchers work to make the water more alkaline. This helps with general health and wellness. We conducted a survey to buy the best water filter jugs on your behalf and collected the results of this review.

Select a pitcher filter

If you choose a water filter, you will see that they all have a similar structure. What matters is the quality of the cartridge used.
Therefore, some filter cartridges can not only purify water, but also saturate them with healthy minerals.

One of the most important criteria when choosing a pitcher filter is capacity. If the family is small, a 1.5-2 liter jug is sufficient. For large families, -4 liters are sufficient. Another is who uses more. Vulnerable women who help little around the house all day should not buy a large jug. It will be difficult for a woman to lift it every time.


It is also useful to use a carafe filter to show the source of the cartridge. Such a device can be mechanical or electronic. This feature reminds you to change the cartridge in time. When choosing interchangeable modules, remember to consider the special characteristics of tap water.

When choosing a pitcher filter, you should always check the design. The filter shape can be simple or curved. Colors may vary: with or without patterns or drawings. There are some additional elements: the rubber part of the handle and the bottom of the jug, to facilitate its use. Choose a filter that is comfortable for your eyes, that adapts to the interior and gives you pleasure when using it.

How to maintain of water filter pitcher

When you invest in a water filter jug, you want good value for money and the product should last a long time. You need to keep it for a while. This is what you can do:

Always read the instructions: a water filter jug ​​requires an instruction manual. It all starts here. This information shows you how to build the device and what to do when you first use it. The use of decanters varies from one model to another, but the general rules are the same.

Replace filters regularly, always be careful with filter cartridges as water slows down over time. The digital display design will notify you when the filters need to be replaced, which can be very helpful. However, if you don’t have this feature, the rule is to replace it every two months. For up to 6 months you can find more elegant models with more extensive filters at . You may notice that the water slows down and needs to be shaken to clog the filter.

Use water bottles regularly, do not decant the water, as old water is the worst enemy. Instead, discard the water if you plan not to use it for 24 hours. Also, do not use harsh chemicals or brushes to clean the container.