The vital reasons for car storage

Reputable vehicle storage facilities will have brilliant security. Also, they will be well insured and will take good care of your vehicle. It is a great investment to make too. It is also a very wise one to also be sure to make. Keeping a seasonal car in your garage takes up vital space. But parking it outside leaves it vulnerable to theft and weather damage. Therefore, be sure to shop around. Also make sure you have a good set up in place as to how and how well your car is being stored. It needs to be well looked after for you.

It can protect your car from the elements

Although it’s quite obvious, some people might not consider it a very significant element for the preservation of their cars. It’s the fact that the direct exposure of your cars’ exterior to the extreme weather conditions like rain and snow can damage its surface. A vehicle that remains under the open sky all night long will not match another car’s look and appearance that remains parked inside a quality car storage set up and facility.

It is key that there is adequate insurance in place

The first question to ask is; whether your car is insured whilst in storage because we know of many car storage facilities that are promoting storage when they have no actual cover in place, relying on you to provide cover under your everyday policy. But did you know your Insurer more often than not will not cover your car when in a storage facility?

In detail

Please do check with your Insurer first before committing to any storage facility who does not have their own Insurance cover. This is because in the event of theft, fire, flood or any damage to your car, you will have no claim against your storage provider should the worst happen. It is also worth noting to the storage provider that any car insured under their own policy. This is whilst in their storage and they don’t have cover to store cars. From here the cars Insurance company will subrogate should anything happen where a claim is made.


You could be temporarily relocating for work or study. Or you could be leaving for an extended trip. Or, if you are in the military, being deployed. If you are leaving home for a long period, an empty house with a car sat in the driveway could prove to be a temptation for any thieves casing the neighborhood. Placing your car in storage will eliminate this risk. This is a very wise overall investment to make in any case. Simply shop around and you can be sure to find the perfect car storage set up and solution. You need to have one that works for you and your needs.