The Various Types of Thermal Pastes

Are you looking for a thermal paste that is brilliant in performance? Well, many brands of thermal pastes are available in the market and you can choose them according to their application. Because of the available categories, the right thermal paste ought to be chosen to give your needs and requirements the first priority.

Just to keep you in track, thermal paste or thermal grease is a compound that has a specific use when you install heat-sinks in your central processing unit (CPU) or in any other part of your computer. On the other hand, a heat-sink is a component that is usually fixed with fun. Its function includes preventing high temperatures when the computer is in use-heat transfer from a solid medium, thereby cooling the medium.

In order to understand more about the paste, you need to follow the instructions as they are indicated on the guide. Heat sink paste or thermal gel as many people would call it best performs when applied to the processor of the computer before the attachment is made to the heat-sink. This procedure when done accordingly enhances the efficiency of heat transfer to and from the heat sink as well as the computer’s performance.

Thermal pastes do perform their functions by active ingredients that fill up the gaps present on the surface of the processor and heat-sink and can’t be seen with naked eyes. These gaps are known to slow down the function of the machinery and blocks air into the system. With thermal paste, all these imperfections contributing to your computer underperformance are no more.

Because of the various categories available in the market, thermal pastes can as well be categorized according to their thermal conductivity and composition. This is because they are made up of diverse substances that conduct heat differently. Here is a comprehensive overview of the different categories. You thus need to choose a thermal paste for your CPU according to their competencies as well as your needs.

Ceramic- based thermal pastes

Ceramic- based thermal pastes is the number one paste in the list for your computer. Needless to say, ceramic-based paste uses ceramic fillers that makes it neither conductive nor capacitive electrically. This composition best suits computers whose CPUs overheat and underperforms. As the busiest part in a computer, CPUs underperformance or overheating is usually caused by several switches. This paste is thus suited for CPUs that have the same problems.

Carbon-based thermal pastes

Carbon possesses excellent electrical and thermal properties. With this paste, you don’t have to worry about overheating or electrical shocks because of carbon fibers that improve heat transportation. Carbon-based thermal paste is brilliant in performance because of the carbon fibers.

Metal-based thermal pastes

As the name suggests, metal-based thermal pastes contain a specific metal compound that conducts heat. Some of the commonly used metals are silver and aluminum. Metal-based thermal pastes are considered the best option for the Xbox console because of its efficient thermal conductivity. In order to keep an eye on the rising temperature, metal-based ceramic pastes are used.

Liquid Metal-based thermal paste

Liquid Metal-based thermal paste is considered to be the most expensive grease existing. This is because they are made up of metal alloys such as gallium. Liquid Metal-based thermal paste is exceptional in performance as they transfer heat faster than other thermal pastes- approximately eight times faster. If you need a paste that will enhance your computer’s heat system then, this is the best. Nevertheless, you will have to get it at a fairly higher price those other pastes.

Thermal paste is beneficial in protecting computer parts in case of overheating. Many people complain of fans that run full speed within a moment after turning their computers on. You thus need to find the best thermal pastes that ensure brilliant results for your computer. Different greases are available in different shapes and sizes; therefore you need to weigh your needs and performances of the paste before making the purchase.

In conclusion, after choosing the right paste, you need to be aware of its use, how it is applied and how to remove the paste. Remember, apart from performance, you need to go for a paste that will be easy to apply as well as clean up.


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