The Value of Safety: Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Business Security

A 2018 report from the FBI estimated that almost 7.2 million property crimes occurred in the US. The agency also estimated that more than 1.2 million violent crimes occurred that year.

Fast forward to 2019, and the FBI’s estimates show an overall decrease in crimes. Projections for property crimes show a decrease of 5.6%, while violent crime rates may have dropped by 3.1%.

This is fantastic news, but that doesn’t mean you no longer have to worry about business security.

To that end, we’ve come up with this guide on why you should never be lax when it comes to company security. Read on to learn just how crucial security technology is for businesses.

Millions of Crimes Still Occur Each Year

There’s no crime clock for 2019 yet, but in 2018, at least one property crime took place every 4.4 seconds. One violent crime case also occurred every 26.2 seconds back then. So, even if current crime rates have dipped, they no doubt still occur in the millions.

That alone should be enough reason for you to invest in business security systems. Besides, according to Magnum Security Installations, Inc., setting up a business security system takes less than a day. However, such devices can provide years of enhanced safety to your business.

Crimes May Be the Culprit Behind a Third of Business Closures

The US Chamber of Commerce believes that crime may be the reason up to 30% of businesses fail. Property theft alone can already lead to major losses and, ultimately, bankruptcy. Vandalism and arson can also result in severe property damage and dollar losses.

The thing is, not all crimes against businesses are from external sources. Indeed, studies found that workplace crime costs US businesses $50 billion a year. Workers themselves are the culprits, committing theft, skimming, and embezzlement.

Business security systems can help avert both external and internal crimes. For example, CCTVs can deter burglars and also potential employee crime. Remote monitoring services can also provide round-the-clock surveillance of commercial premises.

A Safe and Secure Workplace Is Key To Having Happy Employees

In a recent survey, 17% of workers said they quit their jobs due to a toxic work environment. This can apply to workplaces that lack safety and security measures. After all, no one wants to work in a place that can put their health or even life at risk.

As such, having a company security system can help make your employees feel happier. If they know that you’re doing your part in keeping them safe, the work environment can feel less toxic. Instead, your workers may feel more at ease, which can then help boost their productivity.

Don’t Be Lax When It Comes to Business Security

There you have it, your ultimate guide on how vital business security is in today’s workplaces. The bottom line is that these technologies can help deter crimes. In doing so, they can protect you, your assets, your workers, and of course, your customers.

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