The Uses & Abuses Of Mobile Phones In Our Lives

Mobile phone is the most remarkable and excellent invention of information technology, and this a wireless portable device. With the help of this device, we can now communicate one another within shortness of life. Now mobile is one of the most usable devices than another electronic device. Many peoples use this for many purposes like communicating and for messaging. For sending a message, the sender should beat it sending cost, but message receiver received message freely. It is the cheapest device in the world.

Uses and Abuses of Mobile

There is much reason for buying a mobile phone. Different types of peoples buy a mobile phone for their different type of purposes. And now this device is useful for business, education and communication systems. Mobile phone use is helpful for businessman and serviceman. Instead, every people in the world use the phone for online surfing, gaming, Facebook browsing, watching Youtube etc. As a result, they can benefit from connecting with one another who lives in another country in the world.

It has an immense educative value in the sector of education. Now students can attend an online class from staying home. And it is precious for the businessman. Though it has many positive usefulness, it also has abused. Much punishable offence occurred with this wireless device, and this device has taken many crime scenarios. All classes of people are using this device for various purposes. A survey report of Scientists says that it is dangerous for a child-bearing mother and also for children. Scientist says it is injurious to health.


Mobile phones will often cause many fatal diseases such as cancer, tumors of the brain, etc. So, we should be careful about using this device. But even, we also faithfully tell that this device has created human life simple and easy. Although it also has many disadvantages, it is undoubtedly blessing in our daily life. Yet, its necessity can be ignored in no way.