The Unstoppable Rise of Video in Reaching Consumers

In a global community where consumers are increasingly pressed for time, less and less people have the patience to scrawl through pages upon pages of documents to find answers to questions.


Therefore, it comes as no surprise that video is the preferred avenue for consumers across the globe. 


Videos are easy to access, easy to process and often easy to understand. 


But why does it matter to you and your business?


Quite simple really! Video is the best way to reach the maximum number of people, be they followers, customers or potential customers and the statistics speak for themselves!


Trends in Video

Internet traffic is set to increase 3-fold by 2021 compared to 2017 levels. Most importantly however is the prediction that 82% of web traffic will be generated by video.


Moreover, trends showcase that the majority of video web traffic will be generated by live streaming social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. In fact live video steaming levels will increase 15-foldfrom 2017 to 2021, making up 13% of the total internet video traffic.

Globally internet video users (excludingmobile devices) are expected to increase by over half a billion! Unsurprising as the number of global smart-phones and tablets is expected to nearlytreblefrom 3.2 billion to 6 billion in 2021 as these form the go to device for browsing the internet nowadays. Moreover, the popularity of connected wearable devices is expected to increase further still- with numbers more than doubling from 500 million to over 1 billion.


This will naturally result in an increase in the amount of global video traffic. In particular, mobile device’ traffic is expected to increase eightfold from 10 Extrabytes to over 80 Extrabytes by 2022.


But why is this important?

First of all, increasingly businesses are expanding their global outreach through digital advertisements, especially video. However, to maximise outreach, content needs to be localised- that is translated into the language of the location of viewing.  

In fact, 80% of Marketers agree that content localisation is essential when entering new markets, as 72% of individuals would only buy products is the information was provided in their own native language!


Moreover, the statistics speak for themselves. Companies who employed content localisation strategies, such as video translation, reaped the rewards! 71% of companies and individuals using a localisation strategy saw an immediate increase in sales in the new target market! But with global video traffic rising exponentially- can you afford not to employ good video marketing strategies?


So, in a day and age where video is sovereign for user search- it’s even more pressing to localise video content so you can globalise your outreach. And that’s where Voice Talent Online can help!


Voice Talent Online will not only translate your video, but we will also take away all the hassle associated with creating a globally sound video! We deal with all the stresses associated with video translation at every stage of video translation. From copy writing to postproduction quality assurance- we do it all!


Still not sure why you should use Voice Talent Online?


Get in touch and we’ll help explore your needs and exceed your expectations!