The Underrated Cast Members of the Famous “Tiger King” Documentary

Tiger King is a docuseries on Netflix in which Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, the proprietor of a large cat zoo, is accused of sexual abuse, aggression, and misbehavior, according to the “Tiger King” docuseries. The directors of “Tiger King,” Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode, turn their attention to the charismatic but allegedly abusive Antle. Since the series is a hit, several people have made their television debuts. The following is a list of some of them.

Sylvia Corki:

Sylvia Corkill is an American reporter and news anchor at KSWO, where she has worked since October 2016. Sylvia is from Lawton, Oklahoma, born on March 16, 1983. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television with a minor in Public Relations from Cameron University. She was praised for her performance in the documentary “The Tiger King” and is well-liked by many.

John Michael Phillips:

John Michael Phillips is an American attorney, consumer advocate, civil rights activist, and legal commentator. He is a licensed attorney in Florida, New York, and several other states. Phillips has represented clients in several high-profile cases across the country as lead counsel. John has been in several television episodes, but “The Tiger King” marked his Netflix debut.

Since the end of the series, John has continued to do TV interviews with CNN, TMZ, and other well-known stations. In addition, John gave a TED Talk about gender equality ( and how it needs to be begun.

John is also the chief investigator in the investigation of YNW Melly, a well-known rapper who has been accused of murdering several young men.

Joshua Dial:

Joshua Dial is a husband, father, and PTSD veteran who is most known for his role as the gubernatorial campaign manager for the show’s protagonist, Joe Exotic, on the smash Netflix series Tiger King. Joshua’s depression, anxiety, and PTSD were treated by Ketamine Wellbeing Centers in mid-2020, and aspects of his path towards healing and wellness were documented through the breakthrough therapy of ketamine infusion treatments. Joshua’s tale is unfortunately not unique. Millions of people suffering from terrible mental illnesses do not have access to the help and therapy they require.

There are a lot of unsung Netflix heroes who aren’t actors but do a fantastic job of enhancing the show. Some of them are listed above.


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