The Ultimate Shopping Guide in Hong Kong

For many Asian women, the mention of Hong Kong fashion catches their attention. For centuries, Hong Kong has been considered a fashion icon. The city still stands on its own feet. The latest designs from local and international brands are offered. There are many changes. There are countless fashionable shopping malls. And, above all, the prices are not exorbitant.

Budget-conscious travelers can find great deals at street markets, wholesale centers, and factory outlets. Everything that Hong Kong is known for, such as trendy clothing, accessories, and antiques, is included in wallet-friendly shopping malls. Read on to get the list of the top 6 shopping destinations in Hong Kong. Once you visit Hong Kong through Saudi Airlines online booking, we are pretty sure that you would never want to come back.

1.    Cat Street

Unlike the adjacent Hollywood Street, which offers high-quality antiques for serious hunters, Kate Street features cheap but authentic antiques and real curios. Among other things, tobacco, jade, silk bottles, embroidery, wooden artwork, vintage postcards, and Bruce Lee movie posters are worth seeing.

This famous street trip can satisfy us with extraordinary Hong Kong books, photos, postcards and posters to take home as a gift. Middle Eastern rugs, like Chinese pottery and duty-free products, are also cheap here.

2.    Golden Computer Arcade

Everything that makes an ideal computer can be adapted to the user’s needs: motherboard, RAM, graphics card, sound card, hard drive, monitor, etc. Whether you want a computer to do graphic design or play games, this mecca covers it.

Most of the stores on the first floor of this so-called computer building are dedicated to selling everything related to the game. The latest games are always in the spotlight here. Game machines and accessories are also on display at the fair. If you can’t find discounts on your purchases, try adding additional accessories. In some place

3.    Ladies Street

The name suggests that the products offered are for women only, but there are actually things for everyone. Jeans, T-shirts, bags and shoes are the things that attract the most attention. You are expected to get a 20-30% discount on one purchase and a 50% discount on 4 items and the maximum quantity.

Hong Kong favorites like Dim Jod and Jita Tin Noodles are definitely an adrenaline rush. Who can resist the temptation of barbecued octopus and squid? After collecting the first exciting food from the shopping tour, foreign dishes like pig intestines and lungs are a bit more adventurous. Food and drink prices range from 50 cents. Up to 2

4.    China Hong Kong City

There are more than 20 outlet stores that call Hong Kong City China. Esprit, G2000, Miss Sixty, Teno Lamborghini, La Foma and ISA boutiques often offer good deals. Discounts can be up to 80%.

Connected to the Hong Kong, China Ferry Terminal, the store is located on the ferry routes to mainland China and Macao. This is useful for those who want a quick last minute purchase. Outlet stores in Hong Kong, China share space with other stores in a bright, air-conditioned building and offer shoppers a more convenient place to shop than other cheap shopping venues in the city.

5.    Hong Kong Industrial Center

Some compare it to the Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. What these two shopping malls have in common is a maze of small stores full of fashion clothing and accessories. The Hong Kong Industrial Center is an ideal place for fashionistas to search for high-quality clothing. Apart from shopping, the international tourists also reside in the nearby cheap hotels for a leisurely accommodation.

If you are planning your trip to this trendy building, be sure to save a week. This is when many wholesalers open their doors to retailers. Your mission is to find the cheapest items. The only way to get good quality items at a low price is to visit this industrial center and buy the things in bulk.

6.    Temple Street Night Market

This is definitely a good place to shop. If you’re not looking for something, you can take a look and enjoy the bustling atmosphere, street performances, and tasty street food.

Many types of products can be purchased as home gifts, such as crafts, tea sets, jade items, antiques, trinkets, T-shirts, and embroidered sugar coats. Most of the monuments have the same design and quality, their mission is to find the vendors that make the best offers. Amazingly, this Night Market is immensely popular among the middle-income households. And as the name suggests, you should come here at night in order to witness the bustling night scene of Hong Kong.


Undoubtedly, Hong Kong is a heaven for the shopping lovers. Not only will they find here all types of shopping items, but they will also be overwhelmed with the highly affordable prices of commodities. If you have made up your mind to visit Hong Kong for shopping, you can visit faremakers.com to book the online ticket.