The Ultimate Powerful Nightblade Build for Elder Scrolls Online

Nightblade is an incredibly powerful class in the Elder Scrolls Online. It has the ability to dish out high amounts of damage while also maintaining a solid level of survivability, making it a great solo class. This build is designed to be accessible to all players, from those without any DLC to those willing to participate in Trials. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in Farming ESO GOLD, this build will be able to take on all the content in the ESO.

High Elf for the highest damage output
To make the most of the build, it is recommended to use a High Elf for the highest damage output, though a Dark Elf or Breton are also viable options. For solo play, the Lover Mundus should be used, while in group content it is advised to switch to the Thief Mundus. All 64 attribute points should be placed in Magicka, while the Gastronomy Eye Ball food should be used to provide a boost of 5000 Magicka and 500 Magicka Regen.

In terms of consumables
The essence of Magicka and the Essence of Spell Power Potions should be used. The former gives you some Magicka and a bit of sustain, while the latter increases your Spell Damage by 20%. For the gear, there are three different load-outs depending on what content you are willing to do. For those willing to do Trials, the Monster Set should be Slime Craw and the Body Set should be The Maw of the Infernal. For those who don’t want to do Trials, The Roar of Thunder or The Aurora of Thunder should be used instead and for those without DLC, the same sets should be used except for the Ring and Jewelry, which should be Pillar of Nirn. The weapons should be two daggers or staff, depending on your preference.

One of the most important elements of any ESO build is the gear. For a beginner’s Magicka Sorcerer build, the Iceheart set for the body armor, Wrath for the jewelry and weapons, and Briarheart on the back bar. This is an effective combination that can easily be upgraded with the Maelstrom staff from the Maelstrom arena.

The next element of an ESO build is the skills. The recommended Magicka Sorcerer build includes Deadly Cloak as the first skill. This is a great skill because it does high damage, sticks to the enemy, and grants major evasion for 20 seconds, reducing damage taken from area attacks. The next skill is Swallow Soul which is a great flammable and heals for 37% of the damage done.

Impale is the execution for this build, dealing 330% more damage when the enemy is below 25% health. Barbed Trap is also included as it is one of the hardest-hitting single-target dots in the game. This ability is great for sustain as it costs stamina, and grants a major reeve that restores 100 mags and stam when you deal damage with a light and heavy attack.

Next is Merciless Resolve. This is a night blade semi-spamable that grants 60 weapons and spell damage for each stack. This ability is great for burst damage as it does 14500 unbuffed damage, and also heals for 50% of the damage done. Finally, the ultimate Ravaging Strike with Swift Strike is included. This skill deals tons of damage, and causes enemies to take 20% more damage from your attacks for 6 seconds.

Set of Nightblade abilities
Dampen Magic and Harness Magic are both great options for increasing your magicka sustain. Dark Shade is a great single-target damage ability that also inflicts minor maim on the enemy, reducing their damage output. Debilitate is a great DoT ability that not only deals damage but also slows the enemy and grants you Minor Magicka Steal. Incapacitating Strike has great damage and with the Executioner passive, you can restore magicka and stamina when an enemy dies within two seconds of being hit.

Nightblade skill line
Increase your physical and spell penetration by 2900 and increase the duration of your stun from Snake by 100 gives you extra damage. Executioner is a great way to get extra magicka and stamina. Pressure Points gives you extra critical chance when you slot assassin abilities. Hemorrhage gives you extra crit damage when you slot an assassin ability. Shadow gives you Major Resolve when you use a shadow ability, and Dark Veil increases the duration of your non-invisibility-based shadow abilities.

Soul Siphoner gives you extra healing and Transfer increases your ultimate generation when you cast a siphoning ability. All these passives combine to make the Nightblade a powerful force in solo content. With proper use of the abilities and passives, you can become an unstoppable force in ESO.

Dual Wield passives
Because we are running Dual Wield on the front bar, we’ll be taking advantage of the Twin Blade and Blunt passive, which gives us an extra 812 chance for every Dagger we equip. This is a powerful passive that makes Dual Wield builds a great choice.

Other passives apply
The other passives apply to our Light and Heavy Attacks, Deadly Cloak, and other abilities. We’re running a Fire Staff on the back bar as an option, so you can choose to run whatever DOT you want, like Magelight or Elemental Blockade.

Light Armor
we’ll be taking all the passives to take advantage of the bonuses. If you decide to wear some Medium Armor pieces, make sure to grab the appropriate passives.

Fighter’s Guild
we’ll be taking the first four passives, as we’re using Barbed Trap. This will reduce the cost of our Fighter’s Guild ability and give us a three percent increase to our Weapon and Spell Damage for each ability slotted from this line. We’ll also get three Ultimate whenever we kill an enemy.

Undaunted Passives.
This will increase our Max Resource Value and give us resources back whenever we activate a synergy.

For Assault
we’ll be taking the Continuous Attack passive. This gives us a free 30 Movement Speed buff whenever we’re on our mount.

For Racial Passives
make sure to grab the appropriate passives for your race.

make sure to get Medicinal Use to level three. This will make it so that your potions last as long as your cooldown so that your potion buffs have an uptime of 100%.

Start by pre-buffing with your Shade, Merciless Resolve, and Deadly Cloak. Lay down your dots, then use your Swallow Soul until you reach 25. At 25, switch to Impale as your spammable.

Ultimate usage
make sure to get all your dots ticking, get five stacks of Merciless Resolve, and use your Incapacitating Strike followed by Merciless Resolve. This will hit hard and heal you for 50% of the damage it does, almost taking you back to full health.


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