The ultimate parental control app by wondershare

The parents always remain concerned about how their children spend their time and what they do all the time when they are not with them. FamiSafe parental control app helps the Parents in getting a quick knowledge about the location of their child and even getting know about the places visited by them in the whole day. Keeping parental control is an essential factor of parenting and for the notorious children, it has become a widespread concern. With the availability of smartphones and Internet technology windows, parental control has made it possible for the parents to have all the parental control features in their hands.

It is a commonly used application for parental control which is developed with innovative features that enable parents to observe the location history and real-time location of their child. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and informs parents about their children’s phones in their phones.

Outstanding features of the family says parental control app

  • Track your kids with the help of a GPS tracker that you install with the help of windows parental controls and stay connected with Them all day long.
  • the front end center of the famous dashboard software provides a map view of the current location of your kid and the last recorded location of your kid so that you may get a knowledge of the time is spent from one place to another.
  • The last recorded location and the screenshot shortcut to certain actions like setting up Geo fences end custom smart schedules for children so that you can decide the time to visit a place.
  • The location history timeline can also be provided by this application so that the parents know about the places visited by their child in the whole day.
  • Setting up geofences Is the best feature for parents because it helps the parents in getting notified about the places visited by their child and setting up virtual boundaries for them.

Since the devices available for both Android and iOS, we shall know about the Steps to install and use from its FamiSafe parental control.

For Android

download the application using Google Play Store or Amazon store. install the application on your device and give the other features information that is required by it. Log in to a FamiSafe profile after downloading and installing. Install the software on devices for monitoring and also on the device to be monitored. Connect the software with both devices and handle it from the phone of parents.

For iOS devices

Sign up with a FamiSafe account using the Apple Store and download the software. Install the FamiSafe software on the devices for parents as well as kids. Connect the device of the kid with the parents’ device for flawless monitoring. The parents can now monitor the exact location and location history of their child.

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Pricing plans by FamiSafe

This app provides a free trial of 3 days for the new users as a free demo with pretty convenient paid services. in a demo of these 3 days, the parents can enjoy all the features of the FamiSafe parental control app and then happily subscribe to one of the pricing plans given by the application out of 3.

Quarterly subscription plan

$6.66 Is charged per month if you subscribe which is billed at $19.99 per quarter which gives connectivity of up to 10 devices per profile.

Monthly subscription plan

$9.99 per month start for the monthly subscription plan that gives the connectivity of up to 5 devices for each subscription.

Annually subscription plan

$4.99 per month is billed at $59.99 annually and gives the connectivity of up to 10 gadgets with a one-time payment.

Parents cannot be with their children all the time to protect them and keep them away from all the dangers. The advancement in technology has led parents to control their children by controlling their devices. It is launched by wondershare and has now become one of the most reliable parental control apps that helps the parents in getting location, knowledge about real-time location, battery percentage and even Setting up virtual boundaries for children so that they cannot go out of reach of parents. If the children go out of the reach of parents, then they Instantly get aware of their Location and the camera sticks their children from going to certain places.


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