The Ultimate Guide to Wi-Fi Time Clocks

Most of the corporate sector has thousands of employees these days, and when the employer wishes to keep track of the working time of every employee, then the technology called Wi-Fi time clocks comes to use. This technology is called Wi-Fi time clocks which are gaining a good name in these days. One of these clocks can track up to 100 employees, so if there are 3000 employees, then you would need thirty such timers. This is an expandable system. The system can build up to reports depending on how many hours the employee worked, a chargeable hour when the employee worked, and how many billable hours have been clocked. When an employee goes for a break, then the alarm goes off, and when he or she resumes work, then too, the alarm goes off. This is very beneficial for employees and employers to notify their availability.


This advanced system comes into the market along with the following benefits.


Wi-Fi Time Clocks
Wi-Fi Time Clocks


Power damage 

There is no power damage to the Wi-Fi time clock.

When you are working, and the lights of the office go off, and you want to save your timesheet, then you can rest assured that your timesheet would not close. This system has a dual advantage, which is that the employer does not think that the employee is getting paid for her or his free time, and the employee does not get irritated that his work is not getting noted during the power cut.


Brick and mortar offices

Brick and mortar businesses also have a Wi-Fi time clock. This clock would work in all departments of the office. This system also takes care of the workers who are not in the same nation as the other employees away from the Head Quarter. Companies are in a position to handle the Wi-Fi time clocks from a distance as well. Usually, the clock poses no problem. This is the mechanism for companies that have businesses in multiple nations.


Time theft

The employees are smart, but employers are more intelligent. If you do not fill your timesheet in the Wi-Fi time clock daily, and you think you can get away with it, then you are wrong.

If your timesheet goes unnoticed, then that is time theft by you, and your manager would need to handle that. Sooner or later, you will get caught when you have not filled your timesheet for a longer duration. Do not fill your timesheet for a month, and you could get fired, or you could miss a promotion. Your ranking and rating would suffer when you skip filling your timesheet for a longer duration. The timesheet system is a reliable backup system, and you cannot hack it in a way so that your timesheet shows more hours clocked than usual. This is how the timesheet system works. This is an internet device, and this device cannot be manipulated.


Advanced scanning 

Wi-Fi Time Clocks
Wi-Fi Time Clocks

This Wi-Fi time clock which is the most foolproof system is used in the corporate world largely. This technology handles your movement in and out of the office. You might think that your work for the day is getting stored, but this is not true, the job for the week, month, year, and years are also getting saved, and that is how your entire career gets handled by this system. The administrators know precisely about activities doing in front of the computer desk. Though, the supervisors have to maintain all records of the entire staff.

Your company promises you that you would not get fired. But a timesheet is always an exception. Do not fill the Wi-Fi time clock system, and you are on your way to a worse career than you deserve.


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