The Ultimate Guide to Trading on Pocket Option: Finding the Perfect Time to Trade


Pocket Option is a popular online trading platform that offers a wide range of financial instruments, including Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks. As a trader, one of the key factors that can significantly impact your trading success is timing. Knowing the best time to trade on Pocket Option can help you maximize profits and minimize risks. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the most opportune moments that what is the best time to trade on Pocket Option, taking into account various factors that influence the financial markets. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this article will provide valuable insights to enhance your trading journey.

1.      Understanding Market Sessions:

The global financial markets operate in different sessions, and each session has its unique characteristics. There are four main trading sessions – Asian, European, North American, and Pacific. The most significant overlaps between these sessions are usually the best times to trade, as they offer higher liquidity and volatility.

  • Asian Session (Tokyo): It begins at 12:00 AM GMT and ends at 9:00 AM GMT. During this session, currencies like the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar are more active.
  • European Session (London): Running from 7:00 AM GMT to 4:00 PM GMT, this session experiences a high volume of trading, particularly in major currency pairs such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD.
  • North American Session (New York): Starting at 12:00 PM GMT and ending at 9:00 PM GMT, this session is characterized by significant activity in USD pairs.
  • Pacific Session (Sydney): From 9:00 PM GMT to 6:00 AM GMT, this session mainly impacts the New Zealand dollar and the Australian dollar.

2.      Overlapping Sessions – Optimal Trading Time:

The most favorable time to trade on Pocket Option is when multiple sessions overlap. The two primary overlaps are:

  • London and New York Session Overlap: From 12:00 PM GMT to 4:00 PM GMT, this period witnesses a substantial increase in trading volume, making it the most dynamic time to trade. Major currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD often experience sharp price movements, providing ample opportunities for traders.
  • Asian and London Session Overlap: This overlap occurs between 7:00 AM GMT and 9:00 AM GMT, offering enhanced liquidity in the market. Traders looking to capitalize on the volatility of Asian currencies or major European pairs can benefit from this time frame.

3.      Economic Events and News Releases:

Economic events and news releases have a profound impact on the financial markets, causing fluctuations in asset prices. Before entering trades, it is crucial to check the economic calendar for scheduled events such as interest rate decisions, employment reports, and GDP releases. During these

times, market volatility can be extremely high, which may present opportunities for quick gains but also entails increased risks.

4.      Consideration for Different Asset Classes:

The best time to trade on Pocket Option also depends on the asset class you are interested in:

  • Forex: Currency pairs are more active during the overlapping sessions, as mentioned earlier. Traders can monitor specific economic releases related to the currencies they trade to identify potential opportunities.
  • Cryptocurrencies: The cryptocurrency market operates 24/7, and price movements can occur at any time. However, increased volatility is often observed during the Asian and European session overlaps.
  • Commodities and Stocks: These markets often follow specific trading hours dictated by the exchanges where they are listed. As such, trading volumes and volatility may vary based on the region in which the asset is primarily traded.

5.      Risk Management and Trading Strategy:

No matter the time you choose to trade on Pocket Option, risk management and a well-defined trading strategy are paramount. Setting stop-loss orders and taking profits at sensible levels can safeguard your capital from potential losses. Additionally, sticking to a proven trading plan will help you remain disciplined during volatile periods.


Finding the best time to trade on Pocket Option involves a careful analysis of market sessions, overlaps, economic events, and your preferred asset class. By understanding these factors, you can optimize your trading performance and increase the likelihood of success. Remember, patience, discipline, and continuous learning are essential to becoming a successful trader in the ever-evolving financial markets. Happy trading!

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