The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Sizes

For many years, quilts have represented comfort and affection. Their hues and patterns, which range from the mystical to the downright absurd, tell the tale of life and death. 

There are several designs and sizes available of Quilts from which to pick. Every size has its own features and qualities that makes it easy for you to find the perfect one according to your needs. 

What is the best size for a Quilt?

When looking for a new quilt or doona, one of the first things to consider is its size. If the ideal quilt is made for a single bed but you have a king bed, there is no use in purchasing it.

Sounds very simple, doesn’t it? Just take care. It is advisable to verify size because Australian standard quilt sizes differ from those of many other countries. Along with choosing the type of quilt you want to purchase, it’s crucial to consider the size. 

We have a lot of expertise with this because size also influences the choice of the doona. Because there is less risk of air escaping from a bigger blanket, it will retain heat more effectively. Please bear this in mind when making your choice of the quilt.

Single Bed Quilts

A single bed would be sufficient, depending on the mattress height and where a mattress topper is being used. But if you discover that you open at night, a double quilt could be necessary for some circumstances.

The size of a single bed quilt or doona, which is 140×210 cm, makes it perfect for lone sleepers since they may enjoy the comfort of single quilts because they will cover the space for your single bed and, as a result, you will be covered as well.

Double Bed Quilts

It has several uses and advantages if you have a double bed , double bed quilts come handy. The double quilt doona attaches easily and provides a good-sized comforter for sleeping. Some individuals attempt to cover the mattress properly using a single quilt, but it never works.

180x210cm is the size of a double bed’s doona, which is ideal as It is a multifunctional blanket that is cosy. It is useful for a variety of things. It may serve as a tablecloth, couch wrap, or even a coat, for instance. Additionally, you may use it to insulate your sleeping bag naturally. This is a wonderful habit to develop and one that other people may imitate.

King Single Bed Quilts

The standard dimensions of a king single quilt cover are 165 cm by 210 cm. You could need a different size depending on the thickness of your mattress and how you like to sleep. This normal size, nevertheless, fits a typical king single bed. As a general guideline, and especially if you desire extra coverage, you should get a quilt or doona cover that is one size larger than the size of your mattress. The mattress will be covered at the edges and you will have extra coverage, which is important in the cooler months to prevent accidentally being exposed to the elements while you sleep.

Queen Bed Quilts

When only one person is sleeping on the bed and the mattress is sluggish, a double blanket on a double bed is the ideal choice. Otherwise, a queen-sized quilt would provide more protection for improved sleeping pleasure. 

Additionally, the appearance of an enormous quilt cover gives the bed a regal appearance and makes the bed appear larger in the space. The queen is the same in length but just slightly broader than the double.

King Bed Quilts

A queen quilt is often enough for ordinary queen-size mattresses up to 30 cm in height, but today, the majority of new mattresses are equipped with additional layers, such as memory foam, leading to mattress heights of 40 cm or more. Given that it gives an additional 20 cm in width, some individuals select King even though their mattress is lower. Couples find the quilt to be more comfortable for sleeping on.

You should upgrade to a king-sized quilt doona to fully cover a larger mattress for a neater appearance. Although a king quilt is broader than a queen quilt, the length will not change.

A king bed doona is broader by 30 cm, measuring 240×210 cm, while a queen bed doona is the same length and wider by 210 cm.

Why Do you Need Bed Quilts?

Simple Maintenance

Another advantage is that quilts are simple to maintain. A quilt is much lighter than a sleeping bag, making it simpler to wash and dry. In addition, sleeping bags, which might get uncomfortable after a few nights, are simpler to create than quilts. Due to this, a lot of quilts are designed to fit the body. They are therefore perfect for usage when it’s too hot to sleep outside.

Both the Summer and the Winter

Quilts are not simply for chilly nights in the winter. They may be utilized in hotter temperatures as well. The low tog option is practical throughout the heat. The quilt cover might take the place of the sheets in this scenario. 

It’s a great choice for warm weather. A quilt may also be readily washed if you wish to. You should be aware, though, that these blankets don’t always offer warmth. Only use them when it’s chilly outside.

Soft And Warm

A quilt is a lovely present and might be good for your health. Your mood will improve and you’ll feel more rested thanks to its warmth and tenderness. Every time you pull it out of the box, you’ll look amazing because of its durability and suppleness. 

This is another great justification for buying a quilt. Consider trying to make your quilt if you haven’t already. In this manner, you’ll be able to gauge how cosy a new quilt is for bed.


Why is a Bigger quilt Than the Mattress is good?

It is simply because the quilt exactly the size of the mattress will cover the bed greatly but when you are using them then you may face difficulty, therefore, a quilt that is slightly bigger than the bed increases the comfort as well the aesthetics.

Are Quilts comfortable?

Yes, the quilts are made from great material enabling them to provide the maximum comfort


After the detailed guide on the sizes of quilts and their benefits, you may be able to find the required quilt for your bed. So, visit Now Mattress Offers to buy them at affordable prices with secure payment options now!