The Ultimate Guide to Portability: The On-The-Go Food Industry Trend

Recently, new food industry trends have been popping up left and right. One of the newest trends is to provide portable foods for our on-the-go society. These are nothing new, but they continue to be a trend in the food industry. Providing convenience for our ‘on-the-go society is a must and consumers continue to spend their cash on handy packaging that allows them to skip portioning themselves and simply grab something out of the kitchen, throw it in their bag and go. The cost of the packaging drives up the cost of these pre-portioned gems, however, the convenience continues to beat out the cost and consumers keep this new food industry trend going!

Whole Grains:

The more health-conscious culture is driving a number of food industry trends, one of which is the increased popularity of whole grains. The following are three main advantages of eating whole grains. Better heart health, fuller stomachs, and weight reduction are among them. Whole grains include fiber to keep you fuller for longer. Yogurts, pasta, tortillas, and brown rice are some foods that contain whole grains.

Another food industry trend driven by new health-conscious consumers is the increased popularity of fruit smoothies in new packaging options such as individual servings that can be consumed during a break or after a workout at the gym! These new products come pre-packaged with protein to keep you fuller for longer and many new fruit smoothie options contain organic ingredients.


Probiotics are tiny organisms that reside in the human digestive system, also known as “good bacteria,” which are present in some food items. Yogurt, milk, miso, and soy-based meals are all good sources of probiotics.

Many of the foods on this list are not new to the food industry, but the fact that probiotics are contained in them is being heavily promoted by businesses. Many more yogurts have appeared on store shelves in recent months, some of which are marketed to assist maintain a healthy digestive system. Soy has not only been recently advertised for its probiotic content, but new food items such as soy-based yogurts and cheeses have also become more popular.

Super fruits:

Over the previous decade, food marketing trends have urged us to consume a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables in order to reduce our risk of cancer. Blueberries and cranberries have been hyped as having some of the most powerful antioxidants in existence. The food business is always hunting for the latest greatest thing, much like other trends.

This is where ‘super fruits’ enter the scene. Acai berries, which come from the acai palm and are tiny berries, have been offered in juice as well as pulp and pill form. These berries are jam-packed with antioxidants, and their popularity has been boosted thanks to TV and tabloid publicity claiming that they can help you lose weight.

Ready-To-Cook Packaging:

Convenience is a driving force behind this food industry trend, just as it was with portable packaging. Without having to add extra items, produce a pan, wash the pan and put away the pan, ready-to-cook packaging delivers fast food enthusiasts what they desire. Steamtable vegetables in frozen meals offer not only convenience but health advantages.

The convenience of rice prepared in a microwave-safe container with no sticking and always coming out perfect is very tempting to cooks on the go. This food industry trend is popular, with oatmeal, pasta dinners, and frozen dinners just a few of the meals you can make in the package you buy them in.

In a world of on-the-go lifestyles, it’s no wonder the food industry is taking off. The rise in popularity of meal kits and takeout has been astronomical, with some companies even going public this year! With all the new options available to eat from anywhere at any time, there are opportunities galore for entrepreneurs looking to start their own restaurant or catering company. If you have an idea that would let people get what they want when they want it without making them go outside of their home or office building, then we encourage you to explore your business idea further by contacting us today!