The Ultimate Guide to Hire iOS Developers: Salaries, Skills, and More

Two major platforms are ruling the mobile app development world i.e. iOS and Android. While the latter has an upper hand when it comes to the potential user base, iOS has a higher market value in the app market.

Entrepreneurs target Android or iOS platforms by collaborating with mobile app development services because they can provide them with the quickest recognition and ease of development. Today, there is a dire need to hire iOS app developers to build engaging and intelligent applications. 

But with the presence of so many mobile app development companies, it becomes difficult to learn the best suitable option for your project. Hence we decided to write this read that shares essential insights on how to hire iOS developers?

Overview: iOS App Development

There are 2.22 billion apps on the Apple app store as per a Statista’s report. And it has also been observed that iOS users spend about 80% more on their apps as compared to Android users. Due to the same, the platform generated 1.8x more revenue than Google Play, a sum that amounted to 41.5 billion USD. 

This proves that the iOS audience is extremely loyal to their brand. The digital products offered by the company are highly valued by the consumers. And therefore they don’t feel hesitant about investing money into the same. Thus, the demand for iOS apps is always high. 

But to create such high-end and intuitive apps one has to hire iPhone app developers that are proficient with various iOS app development frameworks such as Swift or Objective-C or Xcode. Let’s learn a bit about the same.

iOS Developer: Roles and Responsibilities

There is a well-balanced iOS development team in any IT service organization that consists of UI/UX designers, QA engineers, back & front-end programmers, project managers, and more. Not everyone can fit into the role mentioned above and require expertise and experience to do the same efficiently. 

The role of developers is beyond just writing the code. They also have to take part in various other phases of app development i.e. from planning to design to testing & launch. It’s not that other members aren’t that important but developers have a larger role as compared to others. 

One of the things that one should be looking for when hiring iOS developers is the design awareness that they possess. Design has always been an important part of all Apple products and so they expect the same from the apps they have on their store. 

Skills iOS Developers need to have

If you wish your app to be a part of the Apple ecosystem, it should abide by the standards of the platform. As of now the apps on the store are an amalgamation of standardized APIs, languages, architecture, and frameworks. 

To make all apps adhere to these standards Apple designed a proprietary programming language named Swift. The complete iOS programming paradigm is based around the same. The programming interface has a learning curve in itself. And so an iOS developer would need to master the following skills. 

  • OOP, SOLID principles.
  • iOS SDK, CoreData, Apple Purchasing, UIKit, iOS SDK, Multithreading, Networking, and more. 
  • Objective C, Swift
  • GIT version control system.

The Swift ecosystem comprises everything else. This includes testing tools for macOS and iPad. Also, if you are a senior in your position, experience with iOS development is still demanded in mid and senior-level positions. 

iOS Development: App Development Cost

For most clients, this is a vital aspect to consider. The rate of hiring an iOS developer depends on other things such as the development region, remote or in-house specialists that you hire, and more. 

Average Salary of an iOS Developer

If you have a large project at hand and wish to hire a developer for a full-time job then you should be ready to pay a competitive salary. For instance, programmers in the USA earn about 1,10,000 USD.

Hire Freelance iOS Developer

Depending on the app development region that you choose, you would have to pay different rates for hiring freelancers. A freelancer in the US might earn anywhere between 80 – 100 USD while the same can be 20 – 30 USD in India. 

Hiring a freelancer can be a cheaper option when compared to others but not the most reliable one. As freelancers often tend to overcommit and underdeliver it becomes difficult to gauge the expertise they hold. 

Hire an IT Service Company

Hiring an IT service is the most reliable and quick way to create your iOS application. Due to the extensive experience and development team that a company has, your app gets propers attention from experts. iOS development can cost you around 40,000 USD – 80,000 USD if developed in India. The price may vary as per the scope of the project.

Wrapping Up

Here’s a wrap to this read. Hope we shared the essentials that can help you with your next iOS development project. Have you invested in on-demand app development before? How was your experience? Mention the same in the comment section. Thank you for reading.