The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Windows

In the U.S., the market size for commercial windows in 2019 was $2.8 billion. The market is projected to grow more in the coming years as the construction industry blooms. If you’re thinking of commercial windows, the time is now. 

You will have various options to choose from as the number of sellers dealing with business windows has increased. However, you might want to understand more about commercial windows to ensure that you get the best. The last thing you’d want is a window that doesn’t serve your business right. 

Keep reading to know more about commercial windows and how to choose the best. 

The Material Used 

If you’re shopping for commercial windows, you’ll get several types of windows with different materials. You’ll also need to establish the right material for your window frame. Often, the type of business and intended purpose of the space will determine the right material to choose. 

Tempered glass is arguably one of the most commonly used glasses for commercial windows. It is quite sturdy, and it only shatters in small pieces that wouldn’t cause harm. The tempered glass material is your best bet if you want to have shatter-proof business windows. 

Laminated glass is another material type that you’d want to consider for your commercial windows. This glass results from a fusion of polyvinyl butyral fusion. Under duress, this glass crumbles instead of shattering. 

Other types such as wire glass and the annealed glass are used in building due to their stability. The wire glass is shatter-resistant and fireproof. While the annealed glass doesn’t qualify as safety glass, it is strong enough to offer the required protection.  

Energy Efficiency 

Did you know that windows are responsible for up to 30% of cooling and heating energy loss? Skyrocketing energy bills can be attributable to windows. Commercial buildings need to have windows that help in energy conservation. 

Despite going green being a trend, your business must help in cost-saving. If your windows are not energy efficient, you might want to upgrade. The energy efficiency in windows is determined by the amount of heat lost, gained, and sunlight transmission. 

The metrics used to establish commercial windows’ energy efficiency include solar heat coefficient, U-factor, and air leakage. When checking the types of commercial windows available, consider these aspects to know the extent of energy efficiency. 

Consider the Aesthetics 

The first impression is undoubtedly the only impression! Your clients might judge your shop based on the widow selection on your forefront. As such, it would help to ensure that your business windows are leaving a good impression. 

With the range of commercial window styles available, you can’t afford to have unappealing windows. From curved glass panels to glass walls, the options available are inexhaustible. Your commercial windows should exude class and sophistication. 

While at it, the aesthetic aspect shouldn’t override functionality. Ensure that the window material you choose is strong, safe, and energy-efficient. If you can get a material incorporating all these aspects, go for it! 

Safety and Security 

Glasses differ in their sturdiness based on the material used. The type of window determines the security level it provides. You need to research the materials to know the one that will be strong enough to provide needed security. 

Prioritize a glass type that is shatter-free to ensure minimal impacts in case the window breaks. The right security glass has external and internal laminates holding it together to ensure that broken pieces don’t shatter. When broken, this type of glass looks like a spider web. 

It would help to get your commercial building windows from reliable suppliers. You’ll be confident knowing that your window is highly resilient and durable for maximum safety. Familiarizing yourself with window materials would make it easier for you to choose one type of commercial window over another. 


Building regulations apply even when you’re just installing windows. You need to know the regulations on installing commercial windows to ensure that you’re not getting in legal trouble. Obtain the necessary papers and get updates on the rules before kick-starting the installation process. 

Your local authority can guide you on the regulations that apply in the area where you have your commercial building. Better still, consider working with a licensed installer, who will be in charge of the paperwork and any requirements. Professional installers understand everything that’s needed before the installation of your business windows. 

Building codes often vary depending on your region. Mostly, the code is based on energy efficiency, risk of natural disasters, and climate. Your municipality government is better-placed to inform you of the codes that will affect you when considering commercial window installation. 

Quality Certification 

One of the areas that you shouldn’t neglect in your search for commercial windows is quality certification. Some suppliers stock substandard products, which can end up being quite disastrous. Consequently, these products might pose a danger to you and your staff. 

Substandard products can end up being costly as they aren’t durable. Within a short span, you’ll be in the market to get a replacement. The initial buying price might be cheap, but over time, you’ll have spent more than you would if you invested in quality products. 

You can save yourself from this frustration by researching more about your desired window. Check its certification and approval from relevant bodies. Don’t commit to buying a window that doesn’t have any proof of certification regardless of what the supplier says. 

Commercial Windows Are Worthy Investment

If you’re thinking of installing commercial windows, you need to know how to go about choosing the right one. Windows for a business play several roles that you need to consider before buying. Given the different types of commercial windows available, you need to be well informed to ensure that you get the best. 

If you’re not familiar with commercial windows, work with an expert. A professional window installer will deal with every detail as you wait for a finished project. 

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