The Ultimate Guide for Women’s Streetwear 2021

Women have always been at the forefront of fashion, always using their individual aesthetics to put a twist on modern streetwear trends. Women’s streetwear is a distinguished fashion category that serves as a substantial source of inspiration representing social changes. It is typically used as a barometer to determine what future trends would look like and has a massive impact on the fashion industry.

Currently, we are witnessing a couple of trends in women’s streetwear clothing online. There is a global awareness of conscious lifestyle, which translates into a more comfortable and relaxed athleisure-like style. Also, the changing global perception of politics, climate, and subjects like masculinity is being reflected by a more eco-conscious streetwear style.

Some of the latest trends in women’s streetwear apparel highlight a prominent stylistic shift from ‘fitness’ to ‘protest’ clothing. The underlying force of this new trend emerges from issues like the climate crisis, global unrest, and, more recently, the pandemic. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental stylistic elements of this emerging streetwear trend.

  • Oversized

We are going to witness a shift from on-the-body, skinny, and fitness-ready cuts to oversized, baggy, and loose shapes. Complicated and obnoxious, the 2021 women’s streetwear is often defined as unappealing, but the great thing is that it is incredibly comfortable and relevant.

When it comes to looking on-point, the size of your clothing matters a great deal. For the longest time, skin-tight garments and custom fits have dominated the fashion scene. However, the emerging trend is to go loose. It is about time you bring out all the slouchy coats and baggy t-shirts that have been stacked away in your closet for a long time.

  • Bold Sneakers

Another prominent trend that is on an all-time rise is that of the ‘ugly sneakers.’ Borne by Raf Simons and commercialized by Balenciaga, platform-esque and bulky sneakers are currently in vogue. Bold, mover sneakers are the perfect match for oversized streetwear styles.

Givenchy, Fendi, and Gucci have been ruling this category and continue to provide sport silhouettes that can be creatively styled with knitwear or other streetwear articles. Pastel sneakers have also been seen as a booming trend for spring and summer. The attractive pastel styles from Givenchy and Off-White match perfectly with denim and beautiful summer dresses. 

  • Touched-Up Classic-Casual

The classic-casual blend originates from the Californian surf culture. That is where the streetwear trend began, in a blend of skateboards, tees, shorts, and Rolex watches. Some fifty years later, thanks to hip-hop artists and the internet, we started to witness the trend of graphic styles and baggy jeans in the women’s streetwear fashion scene.

  • All Beige

Beige is not exactly a style but a color. Due to the advent of dark academia fashion trends, dark and beige shades are becoming popular in women’s streetwear. Color choice plays a substantial role in the overall aesthetics of streetwear, and it defines the next point we are go0ing to discuss on the list – techwear.

  • Techwear

Techwear is on its way to becoming one of the most status-conferring trends at the moment. When it comes to incorporating techwear in women’s streetwear fashion, it is important that you avoid becoming too flashy by wearing an excessive amount of techwear. Although techwear gives a modern and chic look, you have to keep it subtle so that you don’t lose the relaxed and conscious streetwear style that you have been trying to accomplish.

  • Denim

Much like the men’s streetwear trends, denim is the primary highlight of the current women’s streetwear collection. Denim hook-ups have experienced a great deal of resurgence. It is ideal for the warmer climate, and the washes range from blue to grey – preferably on the light side.

The denim fabric is also thinner and lighter than that of winter/fall collections and is infused with a sufficient amount of stretch to allow flexibility in motion. Although denim is a central article of the women’s streetwear collection this summer, holes, rips, and tears, and distressed accents are not the rage. It is the season for keeping it simple and tidy.

  • Silhouettes

As a consequence of the athletic and unisex trends, silhouettes in women’s streetwear are getting capacious yet still withholding their feminine essence. Although the cuts are getting wider and roomier, crop tops are being used to keep the silhouette of the body alive. You can pair baggy bottoms with a crop top without having to hide your curves completely.

Pants have also become wider but are still tapered towards the end and are hemmed so that some of the ankles show, just hitting above the shoes. Shirts and tops are slouchier with elongated sleeves that you can roll for a casual yet trendy look. Also, pockets are made to be more spacious, providing more storage area. Summer dresses and mid-length skirts also infuse an active and fresh look to the upcoming summer season.

  • Colors & Patterns

The palettes of the 2021 women’s streetwear collection are all about neon, pastels, contrasting color blocking in off-white, black, and blue. Water-inspired shades such as navy and light blue tones as well as coral and azure are prominent across the streetwear collection. Also, nothing is summerier than the washed-out fabrics and sun-faded colorways for a casual, worn-in look.

When it comes to patterns of the current streetwear collection, the big highlight of the season would be the stripes. Stripes of all kinds of shapes and sizes can be seen in the 2021 women’s streetwear collection. Carefully crafted florals, geometric prints, and monogram prints are also in style and are perfect for creating a modern chic look.


So these were some of the exciting new trends in women’s streetwear fashion for this year. From color blocking to stripes, font prints to mini florals, denim, and bold, bright sneakers, this collection has everything. Check out the streetwear collection of Mg Streetwear that has a wide variety of clothing articles that you could use to create the perfect street style this summer.