The ultimate checklist for camping essentials

There’s no room for second-guessing while preparing for a camping adventure in New Zealand. The idea of spending days and nights in the woods or backcountry can be intimidating for people unaccustomed to wilds and camping. And not just for the first-timers, preparations and packing can be overwhelming for regular campers as well.

So, if you are all baffled and unsure about what to pack and what not, know that you’re not alone, people planning their first and those gearing up for their 10th camping trip are all on the same page. Although it seems like you’ve packed everything that you would need while away from home, the essentials somehow drop from the list.

But not anymore! This blog enlists the basic yet vital camping essentials that make for ideal camping gear in NZ. Here, you’ll find all the necessities that will keep you comfortable, protected, and breezy throughout the trip.

Camping gear essentials

Of the million things that you think you’d need on your camping trip, the essentials can be broadly classified into a few categories to make packing less complicated and effortless. A checklist that sub-categorizes the camping essentials will keep you on the right track while packing for the trip.

For instance, a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. fall under the sleeping essentials category whereas camping tables, utensils, water bottles, etc. are all camping kitchen must-haves. Similarly, hiking boots, fleece jackets, and baselayers come under the clothing section which is a prerequisite.

For a full rundown of items in camping gear, here’s a checklist of camping essentials that you cannot afford to miss out on!

#Sleeping Essentials

A sound sleep is important to wake up fresh and experience nature at its best. No matter whether you are traveling solo, with children, or with the elderly, proper sheltering is vital. Even if you prefer snoozing under the stars, having an emergency shelter is best recommended in case of rain, heavy dew, and similar situations.

  • Tent: Available in multiple options, sizes, and designs, a camping tent is the most straightforward item that should be bought while keeping two factors in mind i.e. the weather conditions and the number of people camping with you.
  • Sleeping Pads & Bags: This resolves one of the biggest worries of people preparing for their first camping trip. A comfortable sleeping bag and pad are the secret to a good night’s sleep. Much like tents, there are multiple options to choose from depending on your requirements.
  • Mats & Pillows: Camping pillows and mats are often termed luxuries and overlooked. Sleeping without pillows can be discomforting and can disrupt your sleep. Hence, carrying inflatable camping pillows is quite easy and assures comfort.

#Kitchen & Tent Essentials

Following the sleep setup, tent and kitchen accessories are essentials in camping gear in NZ. Since camping locations are far from the urban areas, food ordering is not an option. Hence, you are expected to carry basic kitchen amenities and sufficient food for the trip.

  • Camp lighting: Camp light is important for comfort and security aspects. Whether you are lying in a tent at night or taking a walk to the loo, a light will keep dangers at a distance.
  • Utensils: Plates, cups, cooking pots, etc. are a few basic utensils that are necessary for meal preparations and should be carried for cooking delicious foods.
  • Water Bottles: There’s no survival without water. Hence, make sure to carry enough water bottles and jars as finding clean water can be difficult in the woods or boondocks.

# Hygiene Essentials

Toiletry and other self-care items should never go off your camping essentials list. Irrespective of whether your camping area has hygiene facilities, it’s always best to carry basic hygiene amenities such as sanitizers, toilet paper, bug spray, etc. to keep the spaces clean and healthy. Hygiene is a personal aspect; hence, necessities differ from one person to another. Therefore, it’s on the camper to decide the most essential items in this category for them.

# Clothing Essentials

Lastly, keeping the right set of clothes and other accessories is very important for a pleasant camping experience. Picking the right attire depends on a few basic factors such as the location, forecasted weather, and the environment around. Some of the common camping apparel includes fleece tops & jackets, baselayers, waterproof pants, hiking boots & shoes, trail runners, etc. that you can shop for.

What makes camping gear all-important?

A nature outing can be an incredible adventure for many while turning out to be a nightmare for some. This experience is primarily dependent on one basic factor i.e. your camping gear. The essentials that you packed in or missed out on determine how well you enjoy your camping trip. Camping can either be refreshing or simply a survival struggle depending on how well you are equipped for wilderness living.

Backpacking, drive-in campsites, etc. have become quite popular in NZ, especially during the summertime. As the land of the outdoors, there’s no better way to tap into the country’s beauty than camping around. Regardless of whether you choose to go backpacking or book a camping site in advance, the essentiality of camping gear in NZ remains the same. Having basic camping items in your bag assures a pleasant experience and minimizes the chances of taxing situations.