The UK’s most picturesque spots

Did it even happen if you didn’t Instagram it? We love to post our lives on social media – from our latest relationship update to our travels. We like to capture the memories and post them on our social media feed. Our Instagram and Facebook accounts feature our favourite photos, equipped with perfect angles and stunning backgrounds.

Fortunately, the UK is filled with picturesque spots for your Instagram pictures. Enjoy a staycation in the new year and make some fantastic memories with your loved ones. Or, explore and get as many snaps as you can with an escorted tour around the UK

Here are some of the most Instagrammable spots in the UK. 

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle dates back to the 12th Century and sits above Edinburgh’s Old Town. It’s even the most visited paid attraction in Scotland, with 2 million visitors each year. You can wander around the breathtaking grounds and learn all about the history of the castle. 

Or, if you prefer a hike, you can venture up to Arthur’s Seat next to Edinburgh town. Arthur’s Seat sits on an extinct volcano 251 metres above sea level. You can watch the world go by and admire the stunning views of the castle. 

Chester Cathedral 

Chester Cathedral is an ancient archaeological treasure and cultural hub for the local community. There is a wonderful blend of medieval and modern-day history inside the cathedral. You can go and spend the day in the cathedral with your family. Explore the building, eat some delicious food in the Refectory Café or have some afternoon tea. There is even a gift shop with music, books, toys and jewellery on offer. 

White Cliffs of Dover 

The White Cliffs of Dover are the ultimate Instagram backdrop. The limestone cliffs are over 300 feet high and a rare geological formation. You can post at the top of the cliffs in a stylish outfit with the sea outstretched behind you. Just remember – it tends to be quite windy at the top of the cliffs. You might want to tie your hair up before it ruins the Instagram. 

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is an iconic part of London. It was built in 1894 and still hovers over the Thames. You can see panoramic views of London from the suspension bridge and learn all about those who worked on the bridge. Apparently, there are some fantastic stories. 

York Shambles 

York is one of the most magical cities in England. You can wander around the Shambles and explore all of the independent shops, cafes and bars. You might even find a hidden gem or two. Grab an Instagram photo with the Shambles in the background, and make sure to check out York Minister as well. 

Start documenting your adventures this year.


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