The Types Of Facial Contouring

Face contouring has been one of the most highlighted surgeries which is why nowadays people are very interested to do this surgery, especially women because it improves the skin appearance of the face. It works with dermal fillers like Botox Montreal. To slim jawline, facial contour surgery works best. Facial contour works like increasing mandibular plane angle, reducing the width of the chin, increasing the ratio between length and width of the mandible. In total, your facial appearance will look more attractive, shiny, and cute.

When you are aged, your skin is affected by sag and wrinkles and this is the skin condition when face contour surgery needs to apply. Now take a look below to learn all about facial contouring.

About-face Contouring

Surgeons use different dermal fillers to create a combination of the natural-looking face. This procedure is called face contouring. Face contours sharp, the nose looks, highlighting the cheekbone, shaped in the jawline. People usually do face contour to make their faces more lively and delightful. 

Most of the aged women try to hide their fine lines or wrinkle with face contouring. Nowadays men are also doing face contour surgery to be shaped by the face. 

Types of Facial Contour 

In your face, there are numerous parts available to contour. Make sure which part of your face needs to be contouring. Here are some types that are mentioned. 

  1. Fat grafting: Most cases are relatable to fat graft. Though fat cells are from other parts of the body. It is safest for the patient. For fat graft, more than 1 injection is needed for an optimal outcome.
  2. Lip contouring: Lip contouring is the most beautiful part of face contouring. Anyone who wants to plump their lips can do this procedure.
  3. Increasing chin: Male patients are highly involved with chin augmentation. A Male has a big jawline that can hold an increased chin. Women patients are interested in making their chin more fluffy.
  4. Otoplasty: It’s also known as earlap or earlobe contouring. Reshaping the ear or pinning back to the ear helps to not protrude like before. 
  5. Neck lift: To hide the neck’s fine lines patients do neck lift contour surgery. This is the most discussed part of face contouring. 
  6. Brows lift: Most of the patients especially women are highly interested in eyebrow contouring. Brows carry wrinkles, fine lines. That’s also the main fact to do eyebrow contouring. 

So, here are some types of face contouring. You must check your face out with a consultant to find out the part which needs contouring. 


There are a lot of treatments available to make your skin more beautiful. Facial contour is one of them. To complete a facial contour you have to overcome some major and minor procedures. Here are some procedures and a little description of them are mentioned. 

  1. Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty has another name, is ‘ Nose Job’. Rhinoplasty corrects defects of your nose to a perfect shape according to your face shape. Rhinoplasty is not for everyone. If you have a large nose, a hump on the bridge, or a crooked nose then you must do rhinoplasty.
  2. Fat Transfer: Fat transfer recovers some natural defects like stomach, hips, and thighs to be grafted to the face. Fat transfer also works for aging problems like wrinkles and folds. If we talk about duration, this is semi-permanent. 
  3. Facial Implants: According to the last few year’s surveys, facial implants are the most popular treatment in facial contour. This is a permanent method that improves your face immediately. To high your cheekbone cheek implants improve. Chin implant is usually paired with the rhinoplasty procedure. Chin implants adjust and balance your face with your nose and face shape. 

Lasts and Duration

Some patients are getting full results within 2 sessions in 1 month. Though it takes different amounts of time for different procedures. Duration is based on specifically which procedure you take and where to inject. 

No procedure is lifetime permanent. You have to repeat the procedures periodically. About all types of facial contour last 6-12 months but some of them can last more than 2 years and it’s up to the patient’s biochemical response.

In Summary

All the treatments don’t suit everyone’s face. Moreover, permanent results aren’t guaranteed to all patients. It depends on multiple factors, genetics, and lifestyle of patients. If you are interested in facial contouring then you have to select first which procedure you need. If you make the right decision on selecting your face defection then you might successfully enjoy your contouring life.