The Types of Attorneys You Should Know About

It is not uncommon for people to assume that all attorneys are the same. You might only come to find out that there are different specialties when looking for help for a specific legal problem that you could be having. If you find yourself in a legal quagmire, it is important that you’re researching the skills and specialization of the attorney that you intend to hire. In this post, we’re going to highlight the different attorneys that you should be aware of when seeking legal counsel for your help. Employment Lawyer

Even though employers have a higher authority in the company you are working in, you have to know your rights as an employee as well. Some scenarios such as workplace injury, exposure to chemical hazards, and illegal termination can be taken to court. If you feel violated as an employee, consult the best employment lawyer New York City to determine the next steps you should take. Abusive employers should not have the right to continue their business operations.

A Personal Injury Lawyer If you’ve been involved in an accident, you’ll want to be compensated for the injuries that have been sustained. You can file for the claim on your own and wait for the insurance companies to get back to you. The whole process will be cumbersome and time-consuming. There is also the possibility of making mistakes which could have severe implications for your case. If it is an auto accident, you should be looking for a Bronx motor vehicle attorney to help with filing for the claim. Such an attorney will make sure that you’re getting maximum compensation for the pain and suffering that you’ve had to go through because of the accident. Estate Planning Attorney Such a lawyer will focus on drafting wills and trusts for the clients. You can reach out to such an attorney if you’re looking to create a will that will help on passing on your assets in the event of demise. Apart from that, the lawyer will also help in coming up with a trust to take care of your loved ones. Criminal Defense Attorney When you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you’ll want to make sure that you’re reaching out to a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal law can be complex and the judges will always want to make an example out of your case depending on the severity of the charge. The work of the attorney will be to ensure that you’re getting the best possible verdict for your case. Such a practitioner will have established relationships with prosecutors and will enter into plea deals that are favorable in order to avoid lengthy trials that might not work in your favor. General Practice Lawyer This is the lawyer that you will go to in case the legal matter is not that serious and you can get away working with just any other person. Such an attorney will not have specialized in any area of the law and will have varying experiences. This is not to say that there are no areas of law in which they’re most comfortable with. It is important that you’re discussing with the general practice attorney the areas where he or she is most comfortable with so that you’re aware of the kind of representation that you’ll be getting. Immigration Lawyer If you’re dealing with immigration issues, you’ll want to ensure that you’re reaching an immigration attorney. They will have handled several cases and will know what needs to be done in order to make sure that you’re getting the best outcome for your case. There might not be a lot of immigration lawyers to choose from but it is still important that you’re doing your research to make sure that you’re landing on the right lawyer. Corporate Lawyer If you run a company, you’ll find yourself in need of some legal services from time to time. It could be the formation of new companies, drafting and reviewing contracts, or even advice on company merges. For such services, you don’t want to be working with someone that is just starting out. Even if you’re a startup, it is still recommended that you’re looking for an experienced attorney to ensure that everything is seamless. Bankruptcy Lawyer When having financial difficulties, you might be in need of legal counsel on what needs to be done so that you’re not winding up in debt. A bankruptcy attorney will provide options on the different types of bankruptcies and the best decision to make given the individual circumstances. Conclusion The type of attorney that you’ll hire will depend on the legal dilemma that you find yourself in. You don’t want to be hiring a criminal defense attorney when you’ve been involved in an accident. It is usually recommended that you’re looking for a lawyer that is based on your locality for purposes of accountability and also to ensure that you’re getting the best legal representation.