The Truth Behind Common Misconceptions About Marijuana

Marijuana faces the most unjustified and unwarranted stigma than any other drug.

It is publicized by the news media as a compulsive drug that drives people to perform atrocious acts like murder, and the fear-striking PSAs aren’t exactly helping.

Not all countries worldwide have even started to consider if marijuana is worth their time. Only a handful of countries like South Africa and Canada have legalized weed use and distribution, thanks to which the Online Dispensary Canada industry has popped off.

Despite all the modern research and evidence supporting the benefits of medicinal marijuana, the public still believes various myths and hearsay about weed that devastate its reputation. Let’s look at a few of them and determine their credibility.

What Does Marijuana Contain?

To better understand what we’re discussing, it’s best to begin by knowing what a joint of marijuana really contains.

Marijuana refers to the mix of dried, crumbled leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the cannabis plant.

There are well over 500 chemical compounds present in marijuana, out of which two are the main components, are the cannabinoids known as Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While THC is the element that most people talk about when mentioning the bad effects or “highs” that weed causes, CBD is the component that balances the effects of THC and works with other factors of the body that dictate the feelings of well-being.

What Are Some Myths About Weed?

1.    “You Can Overdose on Weed”

Countless study after study has found that marijuana is much less potent and less harmful than other drugs like tobacco, heroin, and cocaine. As such, you cannot overdose on marijuana as you can with other substances.

Research has stated that someone would have to consume over 6,500 Kilograms of weed in less than 15 minutes for it to be fatal, which is, of course, highly absurd.


The reality is that it is almost impossible to die from a weed overdose. In cases where people have sustained long-term damages, it is found when people overdose on weed, it happens alongside the consumption of another drug.

2.    ”Every Marijuana Smoker Gets Addicted”

This misconception is often based on false and unreliable evidence.

Though it’s not impossible to become dependent on marijuana, only a minority of heavy users encounter addiction to the substance. Studies suggest that a small fraction, about 9%, of cannabis users go through clinical addiction at some point.

Developing a substance use disorder from medical marijuana is especially unlikely. With consultation from a health advisor and consuming weed in proper doses, facing issues related to addiction are incredibly rare to occur.


Marijuana addiction has long been a popular belief by the public ever since its uprise. It is a myth that has damaged the notoriety of cannabis for ages and is not accurate.

3.    ”Synthetic Cannabis is Safer”

It may seem like synthetic marijuana prepared and manufactured under proper standards is safe to use. But this is only true for synthetic cannabis made for medicinal purposes; the same can’t be said for ones made for recreational use.

Many shady businesses and organizations produce synthetic recreational marijuana, but it’s not always up to the required standards and is often worse than regular recreational marijuana.


Producing recreational marijuana is done in mass quantities without any direction or accuracy. Thus, the effects or components of a batch of this marijuana can be vastly different.

4. ”Medical Marijuana Gets You High”

The misconception that marijuana can get users high is never specified enough to be accurate. The THC cannabinoid in marijuana is the sole reason for its psychoactive properties.

Marijuana containing THC in a small concentration or no THC at all has no psychoactive characteristics. In countries that marijuana is legalized, it is decided that at minimum, only a tiny quantity of THC is allowed, for instance, 30 grams or lower in Canada.


THC is the element of marijuana that causes all of the undesired effects, as we’ve mentioned previously. This is why recently, the acceptance and demand for marijuana products containing only CBD have become popular.

CBD is shown to have various benefits, and some CBD-based medicine has even been approved for use by the FDA. Though research on its effects is still in the early process, it has shown great promise.

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