The TRUTH About Wedding Planners | Interviewing Canadian Wedding Planner Imtazur Rahman

“Would you believe that one of the first things that my clients usually ask me after hiring me is what I actually do? When I turn the question around on them, they usually point to the name. ‘Wedding Planning’. Seems pretty straightforward, no? And yet, it’s also so vague as to be practically unhelpful!” — Imtazur Rahman.

Wedding Planners are event planners that have found their niche. They exist to help brides and grooms simplify their wedding plans and ensure that everything goes smoothly for their special day. But what does that work actually entail?

Today, we get the truth from one of the most sought-after wedding planners in Canada (for his uniquely male perspective, which brings a fresh level of practicality and discipline into the industry), Imtazur Rahman. Who is ready to spill the metaphorical tea on wedding planners!

Continue reading for the full script of our interview with Imtazur, where he answers the most commonly asked questions on the internet about wedding planners:

Why should someone hire a wedding planner?

Imtazur Rahman: Well, the first thing I should clear up is: no — not everyone needs a wedding planner. But planning a wedding (perhaps more so than most events) is very stressful for most people. It requires a lot of mental fortitude, and even those resilient enough to be able to carry that extra stress don’t usually have much time in the midst of their busy personal lives to devote much attention to it.

You should hire a wedding planner if that is what will work best for you and your partner. It’s different for everyone.

What can a wedding planner do for my wedding?

Imtazur Rahman: Well, the first thing to get straight is that hiring a wedding planner doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re left out of the event planning. The opposite, actually. You can be involved as much or as little as you want to be. It’s your wedding planner’s job to work with you and your specific needs. You can do all the ‘fun’ stuff if you want while I take on the responsibility of fielding phone calls, following up on orders, checking up with vendors, double-checking the booking for the venue, balancing the budget, etc.

How do I hire a wedding planner?

Imtazur Rahman: Usually you’ll have to find one on your own. It shouldn’t be too difficult; you just have to make sure that the wedding planner works in your area. I, for example, find most of my clients through recommendations from my past clients, but also through digital marketing methods (all wedding planners are online these days.)

There is also a chance that your chosen venue has a wedding (or event) planner on their payroll. That was the case for me when I started out— I worked for a hotel and planned events for them until I decided to split off and do my own work.

What kind of work can I expect my wedding planner to do for me?

Imtazur Rahman: Again, it really depends on what you work out with your planner. I specialize in full-service planning (which means that I work with my clients from start to finish), but there are some wedding planners who only plan the actual ceremony itself (or the reception). It’s up to you to work out a plan with your wedding planner on what you want them to do for you.

If you’re still unsure though, here is a list of duties that I usually do for my clients:

  • Referring you to a vendor network for the general area.
  • Locating relevant and budget-friendly venues for the ceremony and reception.
  • Balancing the overall budget and making sure everything is allocated.
  • Speaking with vendors and venue-owners on your behalf.
  • Planning out invites and helping track RSVPs
  • Managing deals with suppliers, vendors, and venue owners.
  • Working out the seating plan, menus, etc.

Note, this is just the basics of what I usually do. But it should hopefully give you an idea of what kind of value having a wedding planner can have for your wedding.

What is working as a wedding planner like for you?

Imtazur Rahman: As I said earlier, it’s a tough job. Lots of stress. Both mental and physical. Outside of the bride and groom (and maybe a handful of their immediate family and friends), I’m sure that there is nobody else, aside from me, who wants the wedding to be as perfect as possible. As a wedding planner, that is not only my responsibility but also my pride. You know?

All that stress aside though, wedding planning is very fulfilling work. There’s no doubt about that. To see a wedding that I’ve planned come together perfectly is all I can ask for as a wedding planner. And all the stress kind of just slides away after that.


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