The Traditional Culture Of Shabbat And The Kiddush Wine Fountain

The ritual of Shabbat has been an important part of Jewish tradition. According to the religious belief of Jewish culture, God created the Universe in six days. God did not take rest for six days and on the seventh day after all his works were done, he took rest. This story has been inspiring all the Jewish for a long time and they also try to work hard six days a week and on the seventh day, they celebrate lavishly. This celebration consists of an arrangement of a ritual known as Shabbat. Friday is the Shabbat day when all friends and family members gather together in the celebration.

This Shabbat ritual has a great significance in the Jewish culture as Jewish people celebrate the existence of human life and God’s creation of this beautiful Universe. On the other hand, this day motivates all the Jewish to work hard for six days. Jewish people wait for this grand holiday. On this day, Jewish people enjoy food and drinks with their family members, relatives, and friends, and this way the Shabbat day binds all the Jewish people together.

Kiddush Recitation on The Shabbat and The Kiddush Wine Fountain:

On Shabbat day, an important ritual is the recitation of Kiddush. During the recitation of Kiddush, food and drinks are sanctified. The elder person of the family generally recites the Kiddush over a Kiddush wine fountain. This fountain contains the beverage such as wine or grape juice. According to the Jewish culture, after the completion of recitation, everyone should take a sip of the beverage from the Kiddush wine fountain. In order to serve the beverage to everyone, Jewish people use the Kiddush cups and every member possesses his or her own cup.

Thus, the celebration of Shabbat and the Kiddush wine fountain is substantially connected. The ritual of Shabbat and Kiddush recitation will be incomplete without the Kiddush wine fountain.


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