The Top Toys for Cats in 2021

Playing with your cat is a crucial aspect of the cat’s healthy development, and it’s also fun for the two of you. Playtime becomes more critical if you have a solo or an indoor cat who doesn’t encounter enough stimulation. Many cat owners know that cats can be very fussy when things excite and bore them. It’s essential to remember this when buying a toy for your cat. 

The following are some of the top toys for cats in 2021:

The BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy 

The BENTOPAL Automatic model is a robotic, motorized toy that does a fantastic job keeping your kitty entertained and occupied. It features a feather toy joined to large wheels that rotate, turn, and swivel, rotating the toy in an erratic pattern. It has slow and fast modes so that you can set it according to your Kitty’s activity level and mood. This toy runs on all floor types, including carpets. It also has an automatic mode that allows it to run for 10 minutes, then switches off for 90 minutes and switches on again for 10 minutes. Your cat can never get bored with this toy.

Smart AI Fetch Play Robot Buddy

The Smart AI Fetch Play Robot Buddy keeps your cat healthy and happy when you are away from her. This toy gives your cat a lot of fun and keeps her preoccupied in your absence. It is an Interactive Ball Launcher Machine that is easy to use and clean. Always ensure that the balls in this toy are dry and free from mud before using it; failing to do so can interfere with its performance. 

SmartyKatSkitter Critters Catnip

Cats can quickly get bored since they are natural hunters. This toy helps to reduce cat anxiety by giving your cat enough stimulation when indoors. It’s a budget-friendly mouse-shaped cat toy that satisfies your kitty’s prey instinct. It has a catnip on its inside that encourages your cat to play and stimulates her, reducing stress and enhancing relaxation. You can throw the toy around for your cat to play with it, or the cat can play with it by herself.

Pestages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

If your senior cat becomes less active, this is the toy for her. The toy features three spinning balls fixed in three tracks. When the cat touches the balls, they spin and roll without leaving any trails; this fulfills your cat’s hunting instinct. The toy is ideal for cat owners who leave their cats at home when working. 

Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Center

Trixie 5-in-1 is among the best toys in 2021. It’s an ideal toy for making food-motivated cats interact with it and get stimulation. It enables you to hide your cat’s treats in tunnels, tongues, alleys, pegs or fish bowls. 

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer 

The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer is a classic chase cat toy that’ll get your kitty jumping around the room, keeping her stimulated and active. It has a durable handle, and it can be safely used by both kittens and cats during playtime. It’s a budget-friendly toy that comes with a bright-colored fabric.

HEXBUG nano Robotic 

HEXBUG nano Robotic toy satisfies your cat’s hunting instinct since it looks like an insect; your cat will follow it around, trying to chase and pounce on it. This toy changes its direction when it encounters an obstacle, and it flips back onto its feet if your cat knocks it over. It comes with a colorful feather tail that entices your cat to play. 

Toys perform different roles, but generally, they help your cat observe a healthy weight and keep her senses sharp. Interactive toys enable you to form a close bond with your cat, ensuring the needed snuggles when playtime is exhausted.