The top three tech forecasts for 2022. Deny them (in a year)

We have seen many interesting things this year. It’s been much different from 2020 when we thought we had seen it all. We are here now, and there are still a few reasons why you should keep reading this article.

First of all, this is really delicious. And second, it’s not really a horoscope: take it more like a tool that can help you understand the future. It’s like saying, I’m not giving you answers but I am giving you good questions to ask yourself.

Are you ready? Here are my predictions, ready to be denied on December 31, 2022.

1 – The new space race will explode innovations

The “classic” space race has given us a lot of technologies and inventions that are now available to the general public. Wireless headphones, LED lights, wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, freeze-dried foods, air purifiers, memory foam, scratch-resistant lenses, solar cells. There’s definitely something I’m forgetting about.

We will not be exempt, to put it mildly, in 2022. The three-way “fight” among Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk to send man into space at breakneck speed has just begun. According on my predictions, they will continue to fire everything and more into space.

2 – NFTs won’t boom

This one is already difficult for me: yes, because NFTs are all the rage this year. It’s most likely my fault, but I consider them to be a clever hoax. At least in their current form.

They create a false scarcity, are not as centralized as they would have us believe, and claim to value our renowned culture (the auction on the first text message screams for vengeance). If it were a nativity scene, I wouldn’t like it: and trust me when I say that I know what I say, i’m neapolitan.

It will be a fad, sirs. Blockchain is going to be a fantastic technology, but NFTs are lifeless – if you’re enthusiastic about working with them, think twice.

3 – We’ll be spending a lot of cash on AR/VR

The Metaverse, according to Facebook and other businesses, will generate an abundance of wealth. They’re also investing a lot of money into these projects.

Whatever form the Metaverse takes, it will not be (just) about software. It will also include visors, sensors, cameras, haptic gloves, and headphones. The forecasts for this area in the next year are simple: we will begin investing significantly on technologies that get increasingly closer to (co) simulate immersive environments.

Not only that, but when they’re a business meeting or a mass, the remote will come closer. Do you have any more predictions for the future? You may read my blog, (there is also an English version). Have a wonderful 2022!