The Top Dating Apps of 2022

Meeting a partner has been made even more fun and engaging through dating apps. You may be looking for a casual relationship or even a serious long-term partnership. Through a selection of various apps, you have the ability to pursue what you really want without too much of a hassle. These dates vary in features. Some need a monetary subscription, while others are totally free. Some depend on other specific factors such as sexual orientation, gender, or even religious affiliation. Here is a selection of the best dating apps of 2022 to help you get started in your pursuit of that perfect partner.


This is one of the most intriguing top dating apps of 2022 that you could go for. There are close to 36 million users on the platform currently. Signing up on the platform is quite straightforward. You will then be required to part with a negligible membership fee. The site augurs well with those individuals seeking casual relations kind of experience. The dating pool spans many different countries, so international dating works incredibly on the platform.

Zoosk verifies the photos that the members upload. On top of that, one is required to connect it with at least one legitimate social media platform. This helps ward off busybodies who may be out there to play games or even fraud people. Through its SmartPick Technology, Zoosk can easily recommend which matches would work well for you. This helps improve the quality of your experience. It scans your profile and recommends individuals who best meet your criteria.


This platform dates back to the year 2000. It is quite synonymous with individuals looking for serious relationships. Anyone over 18 years can join. Sexual affiliation on the platform does not matter. When joining, you will be given a personality assessment that touches on 32 dimensions. The platform will use this information to accord you the best possible mates.

The app also allows you to filter through possible matches based on other factors such as age preference and location. They also offer conversation starter tips to help you easily engage with the person you match with. This helps reduce the awkwardness that comes with meeting a total stranger. It also allows you to formulate a custom list of your favorite matches to focus more on the people you freely connect with.


This app is highly recommended for singles 40 years of age or above. In the US alone, the platform has close to 700,000 members. This creates a diverse dating pool of mature singles ready to mingle. Nonetheless, people above the age of 18 can also join the platform.

DateMyAge is quite conscious of the risks that come with fake accounts. While signing up, you will have to verify that the pictures that you have on your profile are really you. A moderation system also safeguards the users’ security by scanning for illegal or unsafe conversations. You can also converse through instant messages and emails. Users can also freely share virtual presents, photos, and videos.

This is a great platform for single people in their 20s. It also works well for people looking for serious partnerships and international dating. There are close to 5 million members in the US alone. When signing up, you could use your Google account or any other email address. You will then be prompted to provide preferences and interests when it comes to your ideal partner. You will also have to fill in an ‘About Me’ section. This makes matching easy.

While you can access through an app on your phone, accessing it through a PC exposes you to even more features. The video calling feature is a favorite among many users on the platform. This allows for an even deeper connection with potential matches. You will be able to see how they look, sound, and their general mannerisms.


This app is recommended for single individuals over the age of 50. People below this age are not allowed to join. This helps the mature majority single out their best matches without the uncertainty of whether the person on the other end is appropriate for them with respect to their age. You will need to complete a 125-questions questionnaire, which includes writing seven essays when signing up.

The system also inserts a score into your match’s profile photo. This score helps you know the level of compatibility based on the information that you provided on your profile. Members will usually get 3 to 7 matches daily. This widens the pool to search for the right partner.