The Top Careers for Successful People

If you are determined to find success in your career, it is important to choose the right career to start with. Some careers will make you more likely to succeed than others, depending on what success means to you. Then, whether you want a high salary, a lot of responsibility, or simply a fulfilling role, here are some of the top careers that you should opt for if you want to be highly successful before you retire. 

Digital Marketing

One of the top career choices that you should consider first is digital marketing. Although digital marketing jobs were unheard of a few years ago, digital marketers are now in high demand as an integral part of many of the largest businesses across the globe. This is because being able to market their wares online is now integral to every business’s success. Then, not only can you get a high salary from digital marketing, but there is also a wealth of job opportunities available to you, whether you want to lead a team or to work for yourself on a freelance basis. Then, to make all of your digital marketing dreams come true, you should consider getting the digital marketing qualifications that you need to succeed at higher education institutions, such as Emerson College. Emerson College’s Master of Arts in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics online program can help to open opportunities in digital marketing by teaching you everything that you need to know about online storytelling and analytics. This will ensure that you can start curating modern campaigns for businesses in no time at all. 


However, if you are looking for a more traditional career path, then becoming a lawyer might be the right option for you. Lawyers have notoriously high earnings. However, these are in proportion to the number of years that they are in training and the amount of knowledge and skills that they need to have to be successful. Most lawyers stay in higher education for around six years to achieve the necessary qualifications and must take a bar exam to be able to practice law in the United States- an exam that is known for its difficulty. This training time can be even longer if you want to train in multiple countries or even multiple states, although some states have a Uniform Bar exam that will allow you to practice in any state after you take it. As a lawyer, you will be in charge of giving advice to clients about legal proceedings and representing them in court if need be. Most lawyers will have a specialism that they advise in, for instance, family or criminal law, and this will depend on your interests and expertise. 


Not everyone wants to work at a desk or an office, though, and this does not mean that you will not be successful. Then, for more hands-on individuals, becoming an engineer might be the right career choice for you. There are many different types of engineers, from industrial and electrical engineers to software engineers. Engineering is a great career path for those that want to be successful as it is in demand, and many people can walk straight into a job after training, ensuring that you can start your career as soon as possible. If you do not want to pursue a higher education qualification to become an engineer, it is possible to enter the profession through an apprenticeship, which will help you to get practical experience for your future job.

If you want to find an engineering job, you should make sure that you can tailor your resume to your profession, ensuring that you include all the experience that you have gained, even if this experience is non-traditional. You should also focus on networking, as many engineering jobs are filled through word of mouth.


There is no better industry to get into if you want to be successful than healthcare, though. For many years, people have aimed to become doctors. Doctors and surgeons earn high salaries due to the dedication and knowledge required for these jobs, but these are also careers that have a prestigious professional standing. The best part of pursuing a job in healthcare is that you can combine this high salary with the opportunity to help people who need your knowledge and ensure that they can have a great quality of life. 

However, if you want to look for alternative careers in healthcare, you should consider becoming a nurse. Nursing is a profession that is currently seeing a skills shortage, which means that 2021 is the perfect time to decide on nursing as a career. Not only are there many unfilled positions open at the moment, but nursing can open up many opportunities to you. As well as becoming a family nurse, you might also decide to work in a school setting or even travel the world and become a nurse in countries where your skills are urgently needed. 

Another healthcare position that you might consider working toward if you want to be successful is that of anaesthesiology. Their salaries are high, and the profession has high levels of job satisfaction because they have a good work-life balance and yet are still able to be on the frontline when it comes to operations and patient care. 


You may have heard that creative professions are unlikely to make you rich or successful. However, becoming an architect will allow you to let your flare for the creative shine while also allowing you to make a large salary. Becoming an architect will allow you to have the opportunity to plan and design buildings from scratch. Although this means that you can get creative, you will also need to have one hand in the technical side of the job at all times to ensure that your building is supported and can realistically be built without any issues occurring. This creates the need for a great amount of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Being an architect is not all about designing new buildings, though, and your responsibilities will also include renovating old buildings and restoring their period features, which, for historians, can be just as exciting and even more fulfilling. 


When you first thought about the best jobs for successful people, becoming a banker might have been the first job to enter your mind. This is because bankers have a high salary of over $76,000 on average and over $132,000 at the top of the career ladder that is complemented by performance and annual bonuses, as well as enviable benefits such as great retirement plans and life insurance schemes. 

However, if getting a good salary is not enough for you, bankers also have many opportunities for progression, such as becoming a bank manager, and most hard-working individuals are promoted within a couple of years of first getting a job at a bank. Not only this, but banking is part of the public sector, and you will be part of making life for many run smoothly, ensuring that they get the financial solutions that they require, such as loans, bank accounts, and saving schemes and credit cards.

All you need to start working for a bank is a high school diploma, with it being easy to rise up the ranks from the first rung of the banking career ladder. However, you will need to get a license if you want to be a mortgage banker.

Business Owner

The most successful people are not always employed, though. Instead, to be in control of your career and your own success, the best career option that you can choose is that of a business owner. Business owners work in a vast range of industries and sectors, providing different services and products for their clients. Being a business owner can be incredibly stressful, and you may experience burnout. However, it can also be fulfilling as the success of your business will rely completely on you and your business plan and strategy. 

Although many businesses fail within five years, you will be in control of your own wages and can pay yourself as a business owner. This means that, for the first time, you can pay yourself the amount you deserve in relation to the profits of your business and the amount of work that you do.

The only problem is that it can be difficult to get a business off the ground, especially if you are opening a business for the first time. To make your business more successful, you will need to ensure that it is efficient, boost your leadership skills, keep track of your business’s financial situation, keep an eye on the competition, and take risks that may not always pay off. Delegation is crucial according to entrepreneur Kenny Schumacher, and you should have a good team of employees around you and partner with other businesses that can drive your success and expand your customer base. By doing this, you will soon be able to grow your business and become a big name in the world of business.