The Top 9 Fitness Trends on the Horizon

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, and it all depends on the actions of its consumers. 

In 2020 fitness enthusiasts got creative with their workouts. Many people worked out on their own and had fun being a part of a virtual fitness community. 

While many of these trends will continue, there are some unexpected trends as well. 

This year and beyond, you’ll no doubt continue to see a significant shift. Here are some top fitness trends to keep a lookout for! 

1. Working Out Solo

2020 forced us to get creative with our workouts, and many of us worked on our fitness independently. 

Since being away from people made a lot of us work out solo, it makes sense that it would continue. 

Before the pandemic, many people liked to work out by themselves. During 2020, though, people discovered that to be even more. 

Luckily you can do just about whatever sport you want by yourself. Right now and in the future, sports like surfing, biking, and running will continue to be popular ways to stay fit.

2. Fitness Challenges 

Fitness has the power to do a lot of good, which is why many companies have set up challenges. You get to challenge yourself to reach goals. And in some cases, you achieve greatness while giving to charities at the same time. 

It’s exciting when you complete a challenge. Plus, connecting with people who have the same goals is a wonderful experience. 

A few challenges to check out are:

If you’re looking for ways to encourage yourself to live a happier, more fulfilling life, give a challenge a try.

3. Recovery Tools 

People are becoming more in tune with their bodies. Due to this, they’re buying more recovery tools to enhance their workouts.

A roller and Moji Foot Pro are a few recovery tools people rely on to help their sore muscles recover. There are also some simple products like Fit Simply Resistance Bands.

No one needs sore muscles when they’re trying to reach their fitness goals! If you encounter aches and pains during future workouts, try a few recovery tools. Chances are, you’ll find a few that work well for you!

4. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been ruling the fitness world for a while, and it will continue to do so! 

There’s an endless amount of wearable devices available, from smart jewelry to fitness trackers. 

You may have a fitness tracker in the form of a wristband or strap. Syncing a tracker to an app and keeping track of fitness goals make these devices appealing.

Devices like these will continue to improve. You can expect them to include extra features besides tracking physical activity. So be on the lookout to see what happens in the future!

5. Yoga and Pilates 

Yoga and pilates became even more popular in 2020 when everyone was stuck indoors.

It’ll continue to be trendy moving forward! 

You have to admit it’s a great way to relax and improve your body movements. Being flexible has its perks, too — it makes working out a lot easier, plus you become stronger! 

If you haven’t tried yoga or pilates, get a book online so you can practice on your own. There are an endless amount of online virtual classes available too. You can even go to a live yoga class with other people online!

6. Hiking

When fitness centers shut down during the pandemic, people headed outdoors to hike! 

Discovering new parks and trails was exciting, and many formed a love for nature and exercising in a new way. 

Now that people have gotten a taste of the great outdoors, more hikers will soon be joining them! 

If you’ve been thinking about hiking, there’s no time like the present. 

You don’t have to be a hardcore hiker to enjoy being out in the wild. Work your way up to completing longer trails. You’ll have a blast being outdoors while getting your heart rate up!

7. Virtual Training

Online workout communities and digital cycling programs continue to gain steam. 

Fitness enthusiasts love training in the comfort of their own homes. Virtual training doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. 

Training virtually is convenient if you live a busy life. It’s easy to participate at home and promptly get back to work or make your dinner. 

8. Mental Health Benefits 

We always knew that fitness activities are good for our mental health.

But gradually, people are continuing to learn how powerful exercise is for the body and soul. When a person struggles with depression, exercising lifts the spirits. That’s why when you’re dealing with a mental illness, you should focus on your fitness. 

We will continue to learn more about the mental health benefits of staying fit. Those with a mental illness will get more support from the fitness community. 

Furthermore, medical professionals and fitness professionals will continue to work together. There is a need to offer better mental health support, and experts will strategize on doing that. 

9. Online Personal Trainers 

Who needs to see a personal trainer in person when you can have one while you train at home? 

Online personal trainers are popular. They’ll likely continue to be in high demand moving forward.

Having someone show you how to do something in person can prove helpful. But many feel that having a virtual coach is just as if not more beneficial. 

Look into finding a virtual fitness coach and see if it’s something that would help you! Chances are you may find yourself supporting this ongoing trend too. 


It’s always exciting to see what the health and fitness community is up to. Things are constantly changing, and trends come and go. 

With the changes 2020 brought, you can expect many good things to come out of that year. We’ve already begun to observe many things that have shifted so far in 2021.

It was undeniably a challenging year, but people came together and offered one another support. 

Focus on your fitness not only by yourself but through a community. Today, it’s convenient that you can do that virtually or in person. 

Keep an eye on the future and be a fitness trendsetter yourself. If you keep the faith, good things are bound to come your way!

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