The Top 5 Advantages Of Aerial Footage For A Company

For the brand image of your company, internally for your employees as well as externally for your customers. Gaining height and stand out from your competitors. For this purpose, you can buy aerial footage or engage a professional drone pilot. Indeed, the drone is that little robot that allows us to take aerial photos and videos. Even spending lots of money, near aerial vision is not accessible to humans. The images offered by the drone are spectacular and eye-catching. Although very popular in the private sphere, aerial footage can be very useful for your business. Here are the main advantages of aerial footage for your company.

To show your company from above

You can buy aerial footage or take drone photos of your premises, of your building, or even of the district in which you operate. Just beware of local regulations if you opt for the last solution. Anyway, that allows you to show your buildings, the extent of your property, and give an overview to your future clients. In addition to showing your buildings, and proving to the world that you somehow exist. It allows you to locate yourself geographically and help your prospects and clients find you more easily. Keep in mind that most consumers these days are looking for the products they need online. But before purchasing, they find out about the brand and the seller. Providing them with aerial images makes it easier for them and improves the customer experience or CX.

To showcase your activity

The drone is very maneuverable and sneaking around. It can be interesting and very useful to show your know-how and the way you work by taking a little height. Like an immersive experience, it brings the client into your work and also allows them to prove your expertise. Drone shooting can be used in different fields: communication, events, architecture, urban planning, tourism, industry, etc. It can be used for the sale of real estate, the enhancement of a building in architecture.  The monitoring of a site, the enhancement of a territory, for all companies that want to make videos of their exterior and interior buildings. 

To engage customers on your website

A drone video of lush landscapes or even the demonstration of your know-how on the home page of your site helps retain the visitor a little longer than usual. First, it is perfect for SEO which remains an essential operation for any business. More importantly, it will encourage the Internet user in question to take more interest in your products and your know-how. They may even go from visitors to prospect and then, to customer. Remember, our eyes are naturally attracted to anything beautiful! 

To take great team photos

You are part of a big company and now is the time to take the end-of-year photo with the whole team. It might be a little hard to get everyone in the frame, right? The drone can help you take a nice group photo! Thanks to this you will be able to see everyone, without having to hire a platform and without having to huddle too tightly. The drone footage, in addition to strengthening group cohesion in your company, can be shared on your website and your networks to make you more accessible and friendly to visitors.