The Top 4 Must-Have Features to Look at In Studio Apartments for Rent

If you are moving to a young professional who is just out of college, money can be tight – and we completely understand. Even though you may have thought that scoring your dream job post-university would be easy with all of your educational qualifications, it can actually be quite difficult to beat out the competition and make six figures a year.

Most college graduates end up working at a local place or working at a lower salary level than they previously thought – which is the best way that you can work yourself up the ladder and end up being a big-name in your company in no time. At the beginning stages, money can be tight, and you can be on a budget – if this is the case, looking for inexpensive studio apartments is key to being able to avoid spending thousands on your accommodation while you try to make ends meet.

Just because you are looking for a studio, this doesn’t mean that you should skimp on quality. Let’s see the main features that 3every studio apartment should have!

They must have features in a studio apartment for rent!

When looking for a cute, cozy, and functional studio apartment for rent in your local area, you need to take a few characteristics into account. Just because you are looking for something small, this doesn’t mean that you should find something that is bare bones.

Kitchen area

One of the most important features when looking for studio apartments for rent is the kitchen area. You want to make sure the kitchen contains the appliances that are needed to cook meals but doesn’t take up too much of your space. You only need the necessities, such as the oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer. Ensure that you have these basics, and you would end up spending more money on take-away food if you skimp on the basic appliances.

Comfortable bed

The next must-have is a comfortable bed. Even though a pull-out couch can seem like a good idea for the first few days, this ends up being more of a hassle and bad for your back than a comfortable bed. Even though it will take up some room, you need a good bed that can be supportive and comfortable to help you get a good night of sleep.


The next aspect to consider is a table that can be used for both eating, working from home, and keeping items. One table is usually enough for a studio, but it needs to be a good option that will let you use it for multiple purposes. Don’t choose a low coffee table if you are planning on working from home on your laptop.

Closet space

The last aspect that is a must-have is closet space. Since a studio will be small and lack floor space, keeping most of the clothes and other items in a closet can make your studio apartment feel bigger!


When looking at Little Italy studio apartments for rent, make sure you find a few good options that can help you feel comfortable about moving to a new city! Look for studio apartments that have closet space, a multi-purpose table, a comfortable bed, and a functional kitchen to make the most out of your tiny space.


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