The Top 10 Rideshare Apps That You’ve Probably Never Heard of

We are walking away from the top rideshare apps like Uber, and riding with these other rideshare apps instead. Because you have never heard of a company, that doesn’t mean they don’t have something amazing to offer.

Wouldn’t you like to save money and have more options than leading rideshare apps? Explore some of these great apps, and the benefits you could be reaping while riding with them.

1. Safr

Though it is only available in a limited amount of places, Safr makes the list because of its honorable mission to help women feel safe using rideshare apps. Drivers go through a criminal background check, riders have a panic button on their app, and even safe for parents to send their children from one place to another. Available in Boston and Orlando, and growing.

2. Tryp

This Florida based rideshare app is transforming the industry. Drivers with Tryp receive 100% of the fare plus tip, and riders receive cash incentives to use the app. Tryp plans to launch in 43 states and 90 cities.

3. Wave

Wave is one of the safest rideshare apps as they have 20+ safety features on their app, drivers go through a background check, in-app video surveillance, and they have a no-tolerance policy for harassment. Wave also offers a food delivery service. Popular on the east coast.

4. Wingz

This rideshare app offers riders a way to get to the airport on time, and also picks you up from the airport. Located in major cities, Wingz can save you money vs Lyft or Uber prices. Wingz app is available on iPhone and Android.

5. inDriver

This app is both a rideshare and taxi-hailing service. inDriver drivers get paid instantly, which is different from any other ridesharing company. Another major difference is that riders get to offer how much they wish to pay for their ride, instead of the other way around. Available in 450+ cities in 32+ countries.

6. Via

Via is a favorite rideshare app amongst drivers and riders alike. Available in major cities across the country, and are growing rapidly. Via is reviewed as reliable, convenient, and much more affordable than Uber or Lyft. Purchase a Via Pass for a flat rate, and use the app as many times in DC as you need to.

7. Waze Carpool

Waze started as a navigation app and is now a popular carpooling app. Save money on a typical rideshare by splitting the fare with another rider going in the same direction as you. While this idea doesn’t appeal to everyone, it works brilliantly for most.

Screen other riders by looking at their profile on the app, and decide if you want to share a ride with them, or not. Waze Carpool is available nationwide and branching out to Mexico, Brazil, and more.

8. Scoop

Split your commute costs in the Bay Area, and even pick up 5 free rides with Scoop Carpool app. Scoop has partnered with BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to get you around San Franciso affordably, easily, and safely. There are advantages and disadvantages of using ridesharing and carpooling apps, but the pros mostly outweigh the cons.

9. Alto

Join Alto’s membership and save 30%, and one free ride per month, plus the membership is free for the first month! Businesses can sign up for corporate discounts to transport employees to and from work. Available in Texas, and coming soon to Los Angelos.

10. Gett

Beat the Uber price by almost 50% with Gett, the rideshare app for businesses. Gett is fully transparent, helping corporations organize carpooling and ridesharing for their employees. Preset budget, vehicle types, and ride distance from the app for better control and management.

Rideshare Apps

Save money, make life easier, and help save our planet by using a rideshare app to get from point A to point B. No more paying for car insurance, taking public transportation, or getting parking tickets! Jump on the rideshare train before it leaves the station. If you have enjoyed learning about rideshare apps, check out more topics like this on our site.