The Thrills Of Fall Creek Falls

If you love the thrill of mountain biking then you must try Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee. The falls are located at Lower Poolville and offer some of the best biking trails in the valley. You can make the most of your vacation with a stay at the Amicalola Spring House, which overlooks the falls. Some of the other activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Tennessee include riding, bird watching, nature watching and more.

If you are an experienced biker, you will be thrilled to experience the authentic trail rides. The Falls are open from May to October and the biking tours are for both beginners and expert riders. The moderate and easy trails give an opportunity for people of all ages to experience the spectacular fall colors of the American South. There are waterfalls on both sides of the trail and the Falls are very close to the Appalachian Trail, making it convenient to go for a picnic and a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The falls include natural pools, waterfalls and cascades. Many of the waterfalls also offer hiking trails so that you can take home beautiful picture of the falls.

The water that seeps into the upper levels of the falls contains minerals that enhance its beauty. The rock walls that reach up to 300 feet form a unique feature of the falls that attracts a variety of wildlife. The wildflowers found in the area are a great attraction. Trout creek that feeds the falls is an important habitat for many species of fish. The area also has a small population of Mokara rattlesnakes, which are native to this area but have become quite popular.

The Falls are about a two hour drive from the closest major town, Blairsville. Many tourists rent a car and spend the day sightseeing in and around the area. Because there are no hotels in the area, camping is the only accommodations available. There are camping sites for tents, RV’s and other types of campers.

Fall Creek Falls State Park is a wonderful place to go for bird watching. It is also one of the most visited sites by nature lovers. The falls contain a number of different species of birds including the migratory songbirds that come here to mate and lay eggs. This natural breeding center attracts more than one million visitors annually.

The area is a favorite vacation destination for visitors from all over the world. The scenery alone is worth the trip. You will enjoy all that Fall Creek has to offer, whether it is just hiking fishing or taking part in all of the activities listed above. When you visit the area, you will probably find that it is well worth the trip. This vacation destination is one you will want to return to time again.

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