The Ten Types of Jackets That Are Classified as Women’s Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets were first worn by pilots flying in open cockpits during World War 1 (when they were called flight jackets). And then by personnel flying bombers over Europe and Britain during World War 2. In today’s world, many options are available for women such as Women brown leather jackets.

Flight Jackets

The public didn’t come to appreciate flight jackets as much as the military did until after the two world wars. Goatskin and horsehide were commonly used to make these articles of clothing. Both of which were excellent insulators. Women quickly recognized they didn’t need to pilots to wear bomber jackets. Leading to the creation of the first specialized styles for female wearers.

Inclusion Of Women

Naturally. The inclusion of women in aviation increased the usefulness and desirability of these accouterments for female pilots. Since. This style has never lost its appeal among the more daring genders.

Women’s Bomber Jacket

A lot has changed in the women’s bomber jacket throughout the years due to shifts in style. Fabric availability. And advances in textile and leather tanning technology. But we have narrowed the options for women’s flying jackets down to roughly ten. And we list them below for your perusal.

The Original Military Item.

The luckier women in your family may have inherited a genuine B-13 or A-2 jacket from your grandfather or uncle. That’s because it’s crafted using robust leather. Perhaps “shearling” leather. Which is supple suede with an unbroken woolen pile and a luxurious feel. So, it will last a long time and look great doing it. You can find patches and other relics of historical significance still sewn onto some of these old garments. Though extremely rare. These do occasionally surface at auction.

Nostalgic Replicas

Replicas can be ordered from manufacturers (some might call them craftsmen) in North America and Europe. These are an attempt to recreate the original jackets’ robust and tough style. Some of them even have fur collars. Either real or fake. They are not genuine. Yet the beautiful goods are appreciated just the same. They don’t have patches or other flashy additions like the real thing. So, they look a little more “knocked back.”

Trends For Women.

Waist sizes among young women tend to be small. The first flight jackets designed specifically for women featured a shorter silhouette. Stopping just above the knees rather than at the bottom of the hips. It’s cut significantly higher on the body and has a very small waist. Often with elasticized fabric. Its aesthetic is typically unpretentious and lacks any hints of military influence. Comparatively smaller and more elegant than their male counterparts. The pockets on these women’s pants are a welcome change. To sure. It is unmistakably a piece of women’s clothing.

Unwind. Gals!

Finally. The female counterpart to the aviator jacket laughed it off. The makers and designers of these jackets understood that including features like several pockets and zippers without making the garment unrecognizable as high-quality leather outerwear was acceptable.

Angrier Remakes

The jacket got edgier about the time the Star Wars film was released in the early 1980s. With shoulder flaps and highly styled sleeves. Cleavage began to receive more attention. And these coats became a staple on runways everywhere. The high-end version finally hit shelves.

Step Into the Hood

When “hoodies” started trending. The hood was an obvious addition. Suddenly. It took on a gentler. More feminine tone. In today’s world, many options are available for women such as Tan brown Women Leather Jacket.

Claret And Blue.

There’s no reason a bomber jacket must be just one color. Of all. There’s no valid justification for that. Especially considering the abundance of exquisite. Vivid leathers. Women’s bomber jackets come in a variety of leather types. Colors. And textures. Some are crafted from distressed leather (often cowhide) while others use exotic materials like “pearlized” leather.

Feeling The Heat!

Red (or claret. Maroon. Or pink) bomber jackets (or any other bold color) are always in style. What better way to contrast a jacket with military overtones and stunning vibrant colors than by using both? Bomber coats in aquamarine and yellow are included…

Knobs On Your Jackets!

Back in the ’80s. It seemed like every other item of clothing was embellished with glittering sequins. The addition of adornments to women’s bomber jackets was slow in coming. But now you can find jackets for women with sequins. Rivets. Costume jewels. Patches. And tones of different armor attached. Anything is possible.

A look Fine in A Vest

The abolition of the sleeves. Resulting in a vest version of the bomber jacket. Is the most recent misfortune that has befallen the women’s version of the garment. Because of this. The bomber vest can wear with a wider variety of shirts. Including those with more delicate fabrics. The future of the women’s bomber jacket is unclear currently.