“The Student Promise” To Launch its Career Counselling & Job Placement Service in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan, December 15, 2019: The Student Promise an online career counseling and job placement service from the UK, to launch its service in Pakistan. Backed by the “EPSN workforce group” which is a leading recruitment network with a presence globally, the company will help students, recent graduates and experienced professionals in planning their careers and finding the desired jobs. 


Lack of career counseling is a big problem faced by youth in Pakistan. Even the students from the leading universities often aren`t aware of their own skills and experience or what different job roles require. As a result, when they graduate, the skills they have already acquired mismatch those required by the employers. These mismatch graduates have higher chances of remaining jobless and earn less as compared to their peers who embark on careers that are better fit for the knowledge and skills they have acquired.


Despite the efforts by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistani universities are not up to the standards. Hence, the graduates, postgraduates, and even PhDs turn out to have a lack of abilities, skills, and knowledge that is expected of them. Most of the students have no idea why they are enrolled in the specific degree program and what will they do after that?


“The Student Promise” pledge to solve this problem by offering online career guidance and job placement to the students and graduates in Pakistan. Anyone who signs up with the service will get access to an online portal where they can learn new things related to job interviews, create an online CV, and talk to a career consultant to plan their career ahead. By using this service, the graduates from Pakistan will be able to access the international job markets through the global network of the EPSN workforce group.


With this launch, “The Student Promise” will become the first-ever company in Pakistan to offer such services. Where It will help reduce unemployment, the corporate companies will also be able to recruit the individuals who are equipped with the skills they require.


About the Student Promise

“The Student Promise” is a UK based online career development and recruitment portal.  it has collaborated with the EPSN workforce group which gives its subscriber to one of the largest job pools in the world.

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