The Story About: Alwaleed Osman the Founder and CEO of EMCEE.AE

Alwaleed Osman was born in Kuwait in 1990 to Egyptian parents,

where they moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates shortly after the Gulf War.

For thirty years he lived and studied in Abu Dhabi getting his ABET-accredited degree in Mechanical Engineering from Khalifa University in 2012. His first book, “Your Dose of Motivation,” a collaborative book with MENA Speakers is the product of the intersection of his passion for being an EMCEE and writing.

About is company Project EMCEE.AE the first-of-its-kind platform to make the process of finding and hiring perfect-fit live event EMCEEs seamless and time-efficient.

As a highly experienced bi-lingual Arabic-English EMCEE based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates;

He has been working with event professionals in multiple countries on making their events more successful, memorable, and profitable.

With a background in Mechanical Engineering from Khalifa University;

Alwaleed brings a structured approach to ensure the flawless delivery and execution of high-profile events.

He is also the host of EMCEE Cast; a podcast that is dedicated to the very specialized art of professional EMCEE-ing.

His first published book,

‘Your Dose of Motivation’, which he had co-authored along with a group of thought leaders from around the world, was released in 2019 and is available in print and e-book versions on Amazon.

About the book, Your Dose of Motivation brings forth 18 stories of different people from different walks of life, with all of them sharing their personal stories with us.

Whether it’s a lifelong problem they have endured, family problems, health problems, career dilemmas, challenges with starting a business—you name it and it’s there. In the stories that they’ve shared with us, they tell us what they’ve gone through and how they’ve overcome it, or how they’ve learned to live with it.

Along the way, they help us all find the light at the end of our own tunnels and be inspired to push through and get motivated.

All proceeds from the sale go to Al Jalliah Foundation.

He is currently working on his next book as a solo author and is available as an EMCEE and Public Speaking Trainer to C-suite executives.

You can find out more about him on: www.EMCEE.AE