The Sports Event for the Next Generation

A multi-sport competition is an organized sporting event, usually that spans multiple days and featuring competition in various sports between organized squads of participants from (mostly) nations. The first major modern multi-sport event with international importance is The Olympic Games, first held in the modern era from 1896 Athens, Greece and inspired by the Ancient Olympic Games, one of the many ancient events. Modern multi-sports events generally have the same design. They are organized during a period of days within and around a “host city”, which is different for every event. National teams from countries participate in every event, which are comprised of teams and individuals who compete in a range of sports. Teams or athletes are awarded silver, gold or bronze medals to be awarded first place, second and third according to. Every game is usually played at least every 4 years but certain competitions are held annually.


The Ancient Olympic Games, first held in 776 BC was the prelude of the Modern Olympic Games, although the first edition was merely one footrace, while the number of competitions in sports increased during later times.

Other multi-sports festivals were created during the Middle Ages in Europe, such as the Cotswold Olimpick Games in England in the 1600s as well as the Highland Games in Scotland, and the Olympiade de la Republique in France during the 1800s.

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In the 19th and early 20th centuries, participants at multi-sport events were largely male. As women’s international sport started to emerge Events such as those of the Women’s World Games and Olympics of Grace were organized in order to let women participate in sports on an international stage. Although they were short-lived events like they led to a greater participation of women in multi-sport events during the 20th century.

While the contemporary tradition is a celebration of the revolution of 1921 however, the Naadam Festival in Mongolia is an ongoing celebration of traditional sporting practices of Mongolians. The three wrestling events of horse racing, archery and wrestling are believed to be from the millennia and represent the three main actions of a strongman in nomadic societies. Alongside these events in the sport, there are many other cultural events like parades, dances and other events.