The Soch Group Of Companies—How Did It Start?

India is home to billions of creative minds; these minds give birth to billions of new ideas and dreams. There are times when these ideas and dreams do not get the opportunity to become a reality. The SOCH Group helps people transform their dreams into reality. Through their network of businesses, they aim to create a sustainable and healthy environment for various Indian start-ups. They wish to help them grow right from the beginning of the concept to sustainably maintaining the business.

How SOCH Group came into being?

In 2015, Rohit Mohan Pugalia, along with his wife Purvi Pugalia, founded the Soch Group. It all started with a creative idea born out of a necessity, which is a starting point for many such great creations. In an attempt to convince her husband Rohit to have healthy food, she started baking delicious granola treats for his tiffin. This effort not only made his tummy happy but also encouraged him to fulfill his dreams. Soon after, he decided to quit his job and start the business of manufacturing delicious granola treats—this was the beginning of SOCH Group’s first brand, Munchilicious. Rohit and Purvi have tirelessly channelled their passion and hard work into creating many more such businesses and have helped them touch new heights. During this process, they have managed to provide guidance and support to many people in achieving their dreams.

What is the vision and mission of SOCH?

Soch Vision: Their goal is to create an environment that supports and sustains Indian start-ups.

Soch Mission: Their mission is to channel an entrepreneur’s dream; they try to bridge the gap between creative ideas and their execution for different start-ups and help them reach new heights.

What are the core values of the SOCH Group?

The core values of the Soch group are:

  • Entrepreneurship-

All the action and work of the Soch group revolves around strengthening and promoting entrepreneurship. Their driving force is inspiring and fostering entrepreneurship in the near future.

  • Ethics-

The Soch group believes in being honest and transparent when they deal with their customers and other stakeholders.

  • Inclusiveness-

The people who work with them are their greatest assets. They function as a large family and encourage individual growth through the sharing of ideas, opportunities, and knowledge.

  • Excellence-

They work hard to be the best at their work and try to improve the quality of their work and performance by gaining knowledge from the changing market situations.

Why should you join Soch?

The Soch Group does not treat you like any other normal employee; this is because their vision is linked to the people with whom they work. They dream of providing their employees with equal opportunities so that they can go and achieve new heights. They have tried to build a company that is focused on getting the job done and puts extra effort into giving happiness to their team and the customers.

Soch group of companies is a new beginning towards the success and well-being of those who hold big dreams but lack the opportunity to implement them. Now, they will have a helping hand and guiding source who will suggest to them the right paths to choose and the decisions they need to make for their dreams to come true.