The Snowflake Test

The word ‘Snowflake’ has acquired various connotations over the ages. So, what is the world’s current state? According to popular jargon, the term “snowflake” does not have a positive tone.

It is frequently used to describe people who struggle to think outside the box. Snowflake is often used for folks who are easily swayed, have trouble grasping other people’s perspectives, and are reassured that they are smarter than the majority of the world. The Snowflake Test is extremely prevalent among Millennial and Gen-Zers, owing to the fact that they are labeled as “Snowflakes” far too frequently.

What is the Snowflake test?

The Snowflake Test is a series of 20 questions developed to evaluate your tenacity while remaining polite and courteous. There are no bigoted, racial slurs, or insulting choices on the quiz. As a matter of fact, it is a risk-free exam for anyone to take. However, throughout the exam, you will be confronted with difficult ideas and contentious notions.

After getting dozens of applicants, Kyle Reyes, CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, developed a snowflake test to snuff out snarky, desperate, obligated little slobs.

“Snowflake” is a derisive vernacular descriptive word that implies they have quite an exaggerated sense of independence, an unjustified feeling of arrogance, or are over dramatic, thin skinned, and therefore unable to cope with dissenting views. In the 2010s, the term gained popularity.

Snowflake’s Origins

Everything began in the late 1800s, when many Americans believed it’d be a wise idea to label fair skinned people supporting enslavement as Snowflakes. The buck did not deter there, regrettably.

Let’s fast forward a century. It was the late 1900s, and the phrase “snowflake” had returned to prominence. Just this time, members of the black community were using it to call out fellow blacks who pretended to be light skinned. ‘Snowflake’ attempted to get politically active during the 2010s. This moment, proponents of major groups started using the word to irritate all who endorsed competing participants.

In this frame of reference, a Snowflake was everyone who was easily influenced. And the meaning remains the same in 2021. Now on to the point quickly. It’s not a surprising fact that the word ‘Snowflake’ has picked up steam ever since the 2010s. The statement “poor little Snowflake” has been termed the “defining insult of 2016” by The Guardian.

‘Snowflake’ became subverted as speech became politicized. The term has indeed been bandied about more occasions than we could ever consider, from Brexit to Donald Trump. Furthermore, with all of the commotion surrounding freedom of expression, it became easier to demonize somebody as a ‘Snowflake.’ The term was quickly adopted by today’s cancel-culture.

No one really prefers being referred to as a Snowflake. To just be certain that, youngsters have been clamoring to Snowflake tests questions to better understand themselves. Some companies have even jumped on the bandwagon, employing Snowflake tests to assess candidates’ responsiveness.

Why Is the Snowflake Test Used?

Why, if the word has a pejorative perception, do some people wonder, “Am I a snowflake?” Who would ever want to take a temperament test to confirm it? Despite all the bad stigmas, there are four main reasons why people take part in such polls.

Cancel culture

There is a call-out culture. As a result of this phenomenon, many millennials and Gen-Zers feel all alone and secluded. Using the term “Snowflakes” to describe people has recently become a popular way to get rid of them. As a result, some people take online tests like the one on this page to determine whether or not they earn such labels.

Interviews for Employment

In 2017, the Executive of Silent Partner Marketing conducted a selection test using a self-invented hypersensitivity test. His primary objective was to screen out candidates who were too fragile or overly emotional. Kyle Reyes’ Snowflake Quiz got a lot of attention, inspiring many other companies to follow suit. And that’s why people continue to look up such quizzes digitally to give them a try before seeking employment.

Introspection and self-scrutiny

The Snowflake test is just a self-assessment resource for some millennials, Gen-Zers, and even Millennials. They choose to ensure that culture does not regard them as easily damaged and vulnerable.

Political Aspects

The decade of the 2010s was filled with effective social equality and anti-discrimination progressions such as Black Lives Matter. However, some argue that fairly innocuous terms such as “snowflake” are fostering new prejudices and intolerance that harm certain sections of society. As a result, some demonstrators and influencers have condemned and ignored the assessments.

Right-wing proponents, for example, have criticized Gen-Zers for becoming more transparent about their feelings and psychiatric problems. The most recent incarnation of such strikes was American artistic gymnast Simone Biles. Due to her volatile mental health, she refused to fight in the Olympics finals. As a result, she was labeled as frail, self-centered, and privileged by some.

Considerations prior to taking the Quiz

We only recommend the quiz to someone who is aware that snowflake-like tags are meaningless. Such pejorative words pertain in historical records, not in today’s society. Even though we produced a useful quiz, we believe you must consider multiple points before wanting to take it.

Quit using the word

The Snowflake test employs this exclusionary term, but that doesn’t mean we approve. Regardless of your true intent, insulting people hurts them. A few even claim that the word has a profound, greyer, and abhorrent meaning.

Take Pride in Your Individuality

You’re surely aware that each snowflake does have a distinct shape, similar to how people have fingerprints. So, if anybody starts calling you that, you can be certain that your distinctiveness irritates them.

Raising awareness

Most aren’t cognizant of the term’s horrendous roots and moral implications. So, just use the Snowflake Test or other online tools to inform people and assist others. Discussing your quiz results with others on social media is one method to do so, as we incorporated useful information there.



That’s all there is to it when it comes to the ‘Snowflake test’ and why it’s not a good tool to use during interviews.

We have witnessed that it has many dilemmas that could be easily solved by simply asking different questions and implementing specific actions that may enhance communication between workers and business owners.

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