The snake review to be read before to choose to go for this diet

First, let us know that what actually a snake diet is?

You can also call a snake diet as fasting focused lifestyle which is completely based on fasting and only fasting for not hours but days. In this fasting, you go with food or water for a long duration of time and even intense intermittent fasting, you have eating windows but for a limited time only. Between fasting that is after a day or two or three days you only get two to four hours to eat. This may seem similar to the mainstream intermittent fasting but it is still different causes in intermittent fasting you have an eating window of six to ten hours.


There are three steps or stages of this diet:

Stage one

Here you have to start your fasting and fast for 48 hours with only drinking snake juice

Stage two

A food window of 2 hours with a limited choice of food

Stage three

Fasting for 72 hours with only drinking the snake juice

Stage four

Another food window of 2 hours with the same limited choice of food

Stage five

You can repeat fasting till you reach your required weight

You can go for this diet once a week to maintain the required weight you desire.


There are some basic points about these stages

  1. Sugar Addiction Rehab – this is the phase where you go for fasting for long hours with only consume the snake diet juice. snake diet juice is nothing but only a mixture of water, Himalayan pink salt means sodium source and a potassium source mixed in to make a juice. in this phase what happens is you beat the addiction of sugar and food that our body has. This helps your body quickly go under ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic stage of the body where the body used the fat as a source of energy, in place of normal source of body energy glues is used.


2. Weight loss and cleaning – after the first stage of 48 hours of diet you have a window of food for about 2 to 4 hours, here you can consume meals with low carbohydrates mainly vegetables and a small amount of fat meat. After the window is close you have to go for 72 hours fasting with consuming the same snake juice. Here it depends on you, if you are feeling good with the first 48 hours of fasting then you can go for the fasting of 72 hours and also max the fasting time to 96 hours. it is advised by the founder of the diet that if you have no weight loss during this period you can go for longer fasts and lesser food windows. Restaurants with Happy Hours in Delhi NCR

3. Maintenance of weight

After the two phases of fasting and achieving the required weight an individual should fluctuate between intense intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting that is with giving themselves a 2-hour food window per day and going without food for longer hours.


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