The Sims 4 Different Kinds of Death

In addition to the great classics already present in sims 3 and 2 there is in sims 4 the possibility of dying as a result of extreme moods , such as for example dying of laughter.

List of types of death

– old age

– hunger

– fire

– drowning

– electrocution

– cow plant

– from shame (embarrassment)

– from anger

– hysteria

– exhaustion

– from hot in the sauna

(the rocket crash does not kill)

Dying of old age

You have to wait for the end of the sims life. Do not forget to check that the aging option is activated in the menu. Follow this link for more information on aging .

To starve

You just have to stash the fridges, and be patient. When the sims reach the hungry modlet it is still necessary to wait 24 hours before the passage to the afterlife.

Die in a fire

With the wishing well it becomes relatively easy. Especially if you like to cheat. I invite you to follow this link in this case .

On the well, make the wish ‚Äúto have money‚ÄĚ. When the wish is extreme the sims catch fire. It is just necessary to remove the intentions to extinguish the fire of the other sims.

Otherwise, classically, you have to cook a sim who has very little cooking skills on a stove.

To die by drowning

Fairly easy to do. Make a swimming pool, at least one or two squares, then build walls around it. And yes now the sims know how to climb without a ladder, so you have to take great measures.

Just wait for the sims to run out and he will drown. Otherwise remove the actions of the sims when he wants to get out of the pool, and take your trouble patiently.

Tip : Suicide or drowning accident. If you have the diving board (living together required) build an open room that is blocked off by a diving board. Send your sims for a dive, but they won’t be able to get out!

Die by electrocution

The sims must repair electrical objects. Electrocution is much rarer than in sims2 or sims3. The sims should not have a high DIY skill otherwise there is very little chance of getting electrocuted.

When the sim gets electrocuted, they gain a Dazed + 2 ” severely fried  ” state of mind  for 4 hours. Nothing will happen to him if he does not tinker with electrical objects during this time.

At the second electrocution , he will die electrocuted.

Tip: If you want to try, plan things such as the fridge, wall speakers (inexpensive and not too much space) with poor reliability. In fact these objects are all programmed to fail after some use. So my 10 music speakers bought and started at the same time broke down at the same time. So do like me multiply electronic objects and wait until they are mostly down so that the sims have a chance of being electrocuted twice at 4 hour intervals.

Die with the cow plant

Subject already covered in the article on the cow plant .

The cow plant unlike the sims2 or sims3 does not seem to like the NPCs (Non-Playable Character) of the game. But on the other hand, be very careful with the members of your household.

The home sims will gladly take the cake as soon as our cow plant offers it.

The sim eaten by a laganaphillys simnovorii will retain an uncomfortable memory caused by exhausted mood +1 for 2 days (moodlet), but will not die.

To get a cow plant death the sims have to be eaten by the cow a second time before the end of the initial ‚Äúeaten by the cow‚ÄĚ moodlet disappears.

Die of exhaustion

This death concerns seniors. Seniors are a special age group, tired, exhausted by a life of hard work, they no longer have the shape of yesteryear.

So too much physical effort could well be fatal to them. Several crac crac, or too intense physical training results in an uncomfortable moodlet + 40 (Dangerous fatigue level) for 3 hours. This is when there is a risk!

Hot in the sauna

To make a sauna, it must be placed inside the house.

It is sometimes necessary to do several saunas in a row to achieve this death.

The sims go through several moodlets. When he gets the superfluous sweating moodlet he has to get out of the sauna or else he will die from hot.

Venerable steam +1 happy (sauna reason)


mist +2 happy (sauna reason) Supreme sweating + 3 happy (sauna reason)

Unnecessary sweating + 2 Uncomfortable (steam overdose reason) for 8 hours.

You have to prevent the sims from coming out, but it’s a quick way to kill a sim.

How To Die Quickly With Cheats

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