The Silk Speaker Series: Reasons to Study Economics

We are in the middle of summer, and there are many people who are considering starting a new path in terms of training. Therefore, if you are here because you are interested in training in economics, great! The Silk Speaker Series explains the 10 main characteristics of the profile to study economics. In addition, Dr Ludwig Chincarini and his team of Silk Nobels encourage you to study economics. Can you come with us? Let’s go there!

Reasons to study economics

If you are thinking of refocusing your professional career, changing your field or simply expanding your knowledge and training and you are interested in finance, you have surely thought about training in economics.

However, if you have doubts about the reasons for choosing this field of study, here are some reasons that will help you finish the balance.

  • High employability

The economy and business finance sector have high employability. Before choosing a field of study, many people check the needs of the labor market. In this case, you are in luck; companies require this profile.

  • Professional outings

The profile to study economics is wide because, among other reasons, the professional opportunities for students are very varied. For example, a person trained in this field may end up dedicating himself to the management of the financial data of a powerful brand. He can also do external audits or design financial strategies.

  • High average wages

Yes, although it sounds cliché, and it is not usually said very high. The salaries of people who work in the economic sector are high.

  • Extensive and flexible knowledge

The economy is a vast area that contains and encompasses many other sectors. For example, although education is itself an exciting field of study, in many countries, it is also related to economics. The same applies to other areas such as business administration and management, business strategy management, marketing or business innovation.

Profile to study economics: 10 characteristics

Is there a profile to study economics? No, the truth is that anyone who is interested in this area can do it.

However, there are some skills and abilities, that although they can be worked on, they must be had beforehand. Therefore, here are the 10 main characteristics of the profile to study economics.

  • Interest in marketing and commerce.

They are two areas closely related to finance in many ways. Therefore, it is one of the most basic characteristics of the profile to study economics. In addition, you must have basic knowledge of the operation of the economic system of the country in which you reside and of the current trade treaties.

  • Numerical capacity

Although it can be reinforced with practice and patience, the student of any area of ​​finance study should have the numerical ability. That is, he/she must be interested in expanding his/her skills in solving mathematical operations.

  • Logical ability

In addition to numerical ability, the profile to study economics is that of a person with logic. Especially, you need to have logical reasoning in deduction and induction.

  • Analysis of the information

One of the great tasks of an economist is to collect, organize and analyze big data and quantitative information.

  • Ease of using a computer and technological programs

One of the most necessary programs related to data processing in business economics is the SAP program. With it, economists and finance experts are able to design functional and successful strategies.

  • Interest in geography and history

The economy is not a static sector. In other words, it is an area that evolves alongside societies and historical moments. Knowing how other economic systems or financial strategies work gives the economics student a broad view of their field of study.

  • Ethics and values

The management of economic data, whatever the field, must always be done from basic ethical values.

  • Verbal communication

An expert in economics, no matter how expert, if he does not have the ability to transmit information, he loses a lot. Understanding and the ability to communicate properly is imperative.

  • Leader wood

The perfect profile to study economics is a profile with leader wood. Obtaining and safeguarding information should be an incentive to be able to lead teams, strategies and changes.

  • Teamwork

However, one thing does not take away from the other. The profile to study economics is that of a person capable of working in a team and, at the same time, leading some of its functions.

Have we just convinced you that you are an expert in economics and finance? In this case, discover The Silk Speaker Series with Dr Ludwig Chincarini for specialized training.